Sasha Monet and Amber Michaels bondage adventures - 7

Free bondage photos blog 7 September 2020

Amber Michaels ballet heels pole tied

Sasha wasted no time. She pulled Amber from the pole and shoved her down on the ground. She tied her hands behind her and then went to work while Amber lay in a puddle on the floor. {[wmbc17283z.jpg]} {[wmbc17286z.jpg]}

Sasha quickly dismantled the metal bar assembly and affixed a tall wooden pole into the base. Then she lifted Amber back onto her feet and shoved her back against it. Within seconds her wrists were tied behind it. Amber would have resisted but she was still trying to recover from the last ordeal. It took Sasha over a half an hour to tie her to the pole and Amber's moans and whimpers only seemed to drive her on.

The ropes were so tight that she could barely move.

'Isn't this lovely?' Sasha cooed.

Amber cried into her gag, but the only thing that came out was a whimper and a load of drool. Sasha smiled and slid a blindfold over her eyes, strapping it tightly in place behind her head. The helpless sensations that Amber was experiencing were suddenly magnified. The complete loss of sight only made the ropes seem tighter and the ballet shoes even that much more encruiating - but Sasha wasn't finished.

She grabbed Amber's breasts and put the clamps that had only been removed minutes earlier back on. Amber winced in pain, thrashing against the pole in another futile attempt at freedom.

Amber's mind wandered, and she began to imagine Sasha in front of her in her skintight catsuit, slowly stroking her moist pussy as she struggled in front of her. The thought drove Amber crazy and she could feel herself get wet at the thought of it...

And then suddenly, Sasha's hands were on her body, sliding along the soft nylon of her body stocking. She could feel her hot tongue on her swollen, erect nipples and her hand in between her legs. {[wmbc17305z.jpg]} {[wmbc17306z.jpg]}

Amber cried out into her gag and pulled at the strict ropes around her body, but it was useless. She was helpless; A toy in Sasha's hands.

'Do these hurt?' Sasha cooed, pulling softly at the chain attached to the nipple clamps.

Amber responded by screaming into her gag, her body jerking against the pole. Of course, that only caused the clamps to pull even tighter, which elicited yet another scream from Amber...

Amber Michaels corset and nipple clamps tied

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