Bound in tight ropes, blue ball gag and crotch rope

Free bondage photos blog 5 November 2020

blue ball gag and crotch rope

One hell of a turndown service. She lay on the bed, blonde, big brown eyes, bigger boobs, long legs in sexy fishnets.

Well, there was more. She was bound in tight ropes, a huge blue ball strapped between her lips. She “mmmph"ed and wriggled—but was she trying to get loose? Or trying to work that crotch rope better?

Then I remembered:

The cocktail waitress who traded bondage-tinged quips with me as I rolled up a big stake during last month's stay.

Her "gift bag" was filled with "toys"—handcuffs, nipple clamps, vibrator, butt-plug, riding crop.

I love how this casino comps a high roller.

crotchrope ball-gag bed bondage stockings

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