Santa's helper outfit bondage

Free bondage photos blog 12 November 2020

santa girl bondage

Andrea, you're such a cheap ho f lashing your ass in that slutty Santa's helper outfit. Teaching you a lesson will liven up this dull office Christmas party.

Aww—are we tying your wrists too tightly, slut? Shut the fuck up and go stand in the corner. That's it. Under the mistletoe. Suess what you'll be doing now.

Tired of everybody kissing and groping you? Fine. We'll tie you up even more instead. Just try and get out of these ropes—

—Stop your bitching and open your fucking trap for this gag or I'll rip off your halter—then we'll all see your big tits, slut!

There! You look sexy with that ball-gag stuffed into your big mouth. Don't whine—you'll be sucking on something else later tonight. We're giving you away as the door prize, so just lie there and look fuckable, bitch.

crotchrope ball-gag high heels bondage stockings

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