The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 62

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She tried to focus in the cloudy darkness, but all she could see was the three remaining rescuers standing just a few feet away, barely breathing heavily.

“Here,” she heard the tough woman say, and then a small stack of folded material hit her. She instinctively clutched it to her before it fell, feeling the softest of black leather.

“We’ll wait outside,” one of the men said, and then two fgures retreated while the third grew nearer.

“Here, here,” said the tall, fat-faced dirty blonde, dressed in jeans, boots, and a leather jacket. She tenderly pulled Dana’s shirt over her hanging orbs. All the brunette could do was stare wide-eyed, scarcely able to believe it was over.

“Who are you?” she whispered in wonder, still hunched over.

“We were just passing by,” said the older woman.

“We heard something going on, so we came in to investigate.”

“Cops?” Dana gasped, hardly daring to hope. The woman snorted. “Just concerned citizens. Now get those torn, dirty clothes off, dear...I got some that I think’ll ft you....”

Dana was still in shock, and a bit stoned, when she emerged from the cellar...or else she might have wondered why the clothes were so sexy and why they ft so perfectly.

She now wore black leather, lace-up shin boots with four inch high heels, a black leather miniskirt that laced up the sides, and a sleeveless black leather vest that was so tight the zipper was only able to close mid-chest, balling up her breasts and stuffng them into the very top of the opening.

“Hey baby, you look great,” said one of the men quietly. “Almost like you were never gang banged at all.”

Dana answered in a confused, little girl voice. “I wasn’t....”

“You weren’t?” asked the other softly. “I wasn’t,” Dana said dreamily, as if realizing it herself for the frst time. “They never...they never came.”

“Well,” said one man to the other with a big smile. “We’ll have to do something about that.”

It was a full second before that sank into Dana’s addled mind. Only then did she fully note the motorcycles parked in her back yard and the tattoos on her three “rescuers’” bodies. “What...?” she murmured.

One man came forward and gripped her by the arm. “The old lady said you were something and she was right.”

Dana blinked, trying to understand this. Her eyes went to the other pair, who were leaning against a high octane hog, his hand deep into her pants. “Now you’ll never hafta be lonely again, Zeke,” he said.

“Lonely?” Dana echoed in a tiny voice.

“We paid plenty for you, bitch,” said the man holding her arm. “So there was no way we were going to let these bums get you frst.”

The situation fnally cleared inside the young brunette’s mind. In the pitch black of the night, on the quiet residential street, her lovely brown eyes widened. But before she could scream, his hand was over her mouth, his arm was around her neck, and they were dragging her back into the garage.

The police siren sounded like the trumpets of heaven to Barbara. Tyrone and Willie reacted as if they were the fres of hell.

“Shit, shit, shit, I ain’t cumming!” Tyrone grunted, jerking back, his huge cock still half in her.

“But I’s going!” Willie shrieked, vaulting out the door backwards behind the blonde’s head, his cock yanked from her mouth.

Barbara gasped, choked and screeched, her head twisting as the cop car lights strobed across the inside of her slum prison. Then there was an audible smoosh as Tyrone’s cock crown leapt from her saf- fron snatch, and he, too, was gone.

“Help!” she screamed. “Help me, please! Here, here! Please hellllllp!!!”

Then the cops were there, fashlights swinging, guns drawn.

“You okay, miss?” one yelled as he crawled into the opening.

“No!” she cried. “Get them, get them, they were raping me!”

One shouted at the other to cover him, but all Barbara saw was the policeman kneeling by her, pulling her shirt closed and helping her up. “It’s okay, miss,” he said. “We’ve got you now.” And then she was bawling, shaking against him, unable to make any more sentences. “Oh god, oh god,” she wailed. “Kidnapped...rape... they!”

“Take it easy, miss, take it easy. Let’s get you out of here, okay?”

That’s when she realized that, while he was holding her, she wasn’t embracing him. My... my arms,” she stuttered. “Please...untie me, please....”

But before he could, his partner was back, framed in the opposite door. “Too fast,” he said, out of breath. “Go too far...suicide here.”

“Understood,” said the other cop. “Let’s just get her out of here quick, before anybody else sees her.”

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