Feather torture bondage

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feather tortured girl

The feather flicked back and forth with a maddeningly random motion; impossible to predict and therefore impossible to become accustomed to. She twisted and writhed in her bonds, but her hands were held fast above her and the chains around her ankles kept her from moving away. She was stuck.

Tears coursed down her face as she screamed in frustration, the orgasm she so desperately wantedóno, neededówas shimmering just out of reach, and the feather wasn't enough to push her there. Her cunt was soaked in her fluids, and it wouldn't be long until the tops of her stockings followed suit.

She moaned and screamed, pulling at her bonds futilely as she prayed someone would come along to rescue her. The first one that did, she was going to beg them to fuck her again and again until she blacked out.

chained tortured shackles

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