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slavegirl femdom shame

"Now you listen to me, you little bitch, and you listen well! In about fifteen minutes your ex-husband will be here... with his new girlfriend. She's only nineteen years old... that makes her ten years younger than you... and she's a real spoiled brat! As soon as they get here, you're to wobble over to her on your knees and shake your tits in front her while she laughs at you!"


"And then, when I give you the signal, you're to turn away from her, put your forehead on the ground and lift your big bare ass up in the air so she can beat it with this cane... again, while she's laughing at you !"


"And then, I'm gonna take the ball gag out of your mouth and you are gonna turn around and kiss her shoes and thank her for disciplining you, while she and your ex-husband both laugh at you !Hahahaha! And if you don't do exactly as I told you, I'm gonna hang you from a tree branch by your nipple rings and I'll get video of everybody whipping your ass raw while you scream and plead and beg me to send the video to your parents, your sister, and your brother... so they can laugh at what you've become too! A lesbian slave! FIAHAHAFIA!! I'll bet all of your old friends from high school and college would get a good laugh too! HAFIAFIAFIA!!!"

femdom lesbian bondage ball-gag slavegirl

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