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Kerri Rutherford, just two years out of high school, made the decision of her life. She quit her job and sold her car, along with everything else that she owned. She cleaned out her bank account, then took everything, in cash, and gave it to a ruthless gang in New York City.

Step two was selling herself to the same gang. Paperwork was drawn up, signed, and notarized. She received $10,000 in cash for the rights to her body, then promptly gave all of the money back to her new owners. There could be no going back now.

With that she had realized the fantasy that had fueled her almost constant masturbation since she was thirteen years old. Kerri was the property of thugs. Naked, penniless, and totally owned. They owned her ass. They owned her tits. They owned her pussy... her cunt. For the rest of her life they would use her body, play with her, and punish her. And share her with other thugs.

She used to masturbate to at least three or four orgasms every day. She was like a crazed fiend. Now they would decide when, where, how, and even if she would be allowed to cum. They dangled her orgasm above her head like food hanging over a starving animal. She begged and pleaded with them to let her cum. She promised anything and everything to them. They laughed at her. Oh, the degrading things they made her do to herself! No woman has ever crawled so low or cried so much in despair and shame. She's only twenty years old and has a very long, degrading life ahead of her. In the three months since she became owned she has only been allowed two orgasms, both memorable to the laughing people who watched her kicking and screaming and squirting and panting. She practically passed out! It's going to be sooo much fun watching her cry and beg for the next one!

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