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"So, Mrs. Larson. You swore that I would never make you crawl. Never make you beg. And yet, here you are.

I'm sure you never expected to be in this position before me. I like you like this, Mrs. Larson. You have a beautiful ass. I enjoy looking at it. Wiggle it a bit for me."

"Mrs. Larson, you are going to learn obedience, that's a certainty. I want you in this position, just as you are now, kneeling on this table, every day after work for an hour. And the next time I say 'wiggle your ass for me' you will obey me. I will play with your ass whenever I wish, and I will spank it whenever you disobey me. And I will show you off to whomever I like. Understand?"

"Hmmm, silence. You will learn to obey, Mrs. Larson.

You will do anything to please me, because when I tire of you I will snap my fingers and your husband will be killed, and you will wind up a slave in Southeast Asia wiggling your ass and playing with your pussy before laughing men and women for the rest of your life. Don't anger me, Mrs. Larson. I can get very mean when I'm angry. Now WIGGLE YOUR ASS for me!"

That's better. As I said, you will learn...

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