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"Keep your knees spread wide and your head up. This is the first time Marilyn has seen you as a slave. You will be a slave for the rest of your life, and I am going to loan you to her quite frequently, to use and punish as she pleases. You will refer to her from now on as Miss Kline, or anything else that she chooses. You may have been bitter rivals in the past, but she's the boss of you now."

"Waddle over to her. Keep your knees spread and your arms behind your back. When you get to her, look her in the eyes, then take your right hand and begin playing with your pussy. And rub that needy little clitty of yours that we've been teasing all morning! And I want you to keep telling her over and over that you lost, and she won, while she laughs at you."

"Miss Kline is going to be taking you home with her today, just as you are now. She's throwing a party to celebrate your big loss, and your permanent slavery. All of your former friends will be there, along with several others that she felt would get a good laugh to see you as you now are. She's going to punish you terribly and embarrass you to tears. She's going to break you, and I'll be there to see it all. I'll let her borrow you a lot, whenever she's feeling mean, or just when she needs a good laugh!"

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