She waits, sobbing at the front door - bondage photos

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Waiting for the first guests to arrive. Melissa has no idea who the guests are, but she has been told that she knows them!

Her mind races through the possibilities and she begins to sob. She knows that her pride, and her ass, will take some big hits tonight. How could this have happened! Just one week ago she was wearing a power suit and working as a rising star in a prestigious law firm.

Today she is a totally owned sex slave, being made available to men and women who she has despised for their ambition and sheer cruelty. Her shame is enormous, and far more than she can take. She sobs in despair and fear as she thinks of what will become of her tonight. Of what they will do to her. To her breasts, her nipples, her poor ass, and even her clitoris I She shudders again at what they will make her do to herself as they laugh at her and gloat!

chained humilation punishment collar slavegirl

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