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Her Master is presenting Liz as a gift to her worst enemy, Julia Matteo, along with her Certificate of Ownership. This is for keeps!

Liz used to supervise Julia, who is four years younger than she is, back when she worked in an office, and wore clothes! That was before she lost all of her money on a bad investment and was sold at an 'invitation only' Debtor's Auction. She had hoped that some rich guy would buy her and take her out of state, or keep her in a penthouse. To her horror, her ex-father-in-law was invited and he bought her immediately just so he could give her to Julia. All he wants in return are photographs and film clips for him and his son to laugh at. Julia really despises Liz and can't wait to get her hands on Liz's ass! Julia has promised to shame her horribly.

As Julia accepts the leash and the certificate, she smiles cruelly at Liz and slaps her ass very hard. She notices with amusement that Liz's nipples are rigid and long. The bitch is actually turned on by her own humiliation! Wait until she is shown off to everybody she knows at the party on Saturday night. Even her ex-husband Jeff will be there with his new girlfriend! That's when she'll really know what true shame is!

collar posture collar slavegirl public bondage humilation

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