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Stephanie begins to sob as she is shamefully led into the banquet hall. The guests, most of whom know her quite well, have been drinking and clamoring for some time, waiting to witness her punishment and formal enslavement to Peter.

She once publicly slapped Peter across the face and sneered at him saying that she would not go out with a loser like him even if he were the last man on Earth. She humiliated him greatly before his friends. Peter plans on returning that humiliation... a hundred-fold!

Stephanie is not well liked, and her defeat and public degradation will be cheered and celebrated all night long. Throughout the night the laughter and cheers in the banquet hall are punctuated with the crisp sounds of flesh slapping flesh, along with the unmistakable sounds of leather striking flesh, and even the whirr of bamboo cane striking flesh. Each of those are followed by shrieks of pain, pathetic mewling and pleading for mercy, and the happy guffaws and laughter of the assembled guests. Even more pathetic, and humorous, is the moaning and grunting and pleading for orgasm that spitefully is never provided to the once proud Stephanie who is apparently being teased to near insanity.

In the morning, still shivering with teeth-chattering sexual need, she will be greeted by the wolfish grins and snarky comments of the evening's guests as she cleans and scrubs the banquet hall, still naked and dripping. She will have her ass slapped and her bottom holes casually fingered as she works and serves the same people she once taunted as inferiors. She better get used to it... but she never will!

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