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'Take a good look at your wife, mothafucka. I been fuckin her day and night for a week. Her ass is soo sweet! But it's you that I want, asshole. The only way you're gonna get her back is if you come tome, alone, with $100,000 in unmarked small bills. Twenties and fifty's only. I wanna see your face when you handover the cash. I wanna laugh in your face when I give you your precious little wifey's leash and watch the two of you walk out of here, defeated and shamed, by ME!'

Jonathan Hedermann was in tears when he saw the letter and photo of what that filth had done to his poor wife. He had no choice. He couldn't go to the police. He made the cash withdrawals from several different bank accounts, put the money in a sack as instructed, and went to see the scum that was holding his wife.

The problem is that the fiend was only telling half of the truth. He really DID want Jonathan. He kept the money, and he kept Jonathan's wife... and he kept Jonathan! They're both naked now, and he fucks them BOTH every day and every night. And so do his friends! Jonathan and his wife have both 'disappeared'. The search for them was abandoned long ago but they both squirm naked and they both cry like little fucked pigs every day... and every night. And that's the way they will remain for the rest of their lives.

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