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rubber dress single sleeve bondage Madame then turned to Mabel, one of the models who had come for the steam bath, and told her to put on the next costume.

Mabel, a shapley blonde of about twenty, with a figure that was an absolute dream, came across to the desk, ready to obey her Mistress. The costume was made of satin and in two sections. At first, Mabel was puzzled as to how to wear a costume that consisted of a front and back part.

Holding the front part against her body, while the maid held the back agains ther, Madame passed a series of leather straps around the model that held the two parts in place. Then Madame and the maid tightened them until the leather sank into Mabel's flesh. This done, it was possible to see the costume and Mabel had to admit it suited her figure. Held tightly in place by straps that ran from her knees to her throat, the two halves did not completely join but left a gap of bare flesh down both sides of her body crossed only by the tightly pulled straps.

The skirt of the dress was slit up to the waist, revealng her long, black net stockings which left but an inch of white skin between their tops and the hem of her satin panties. These stockings were held up by means of tight straps buckled firmly at the tops of her strong thighs. Three more items completed the costume. First, a small satin mask was slipped over her face and tied tightly in position and her arms were dragged around behind her and inserted into a single, net glove which was pulled so tightly her skin came through the square holes of the net in soft mounds. Then they sat her down on a chair to be fitted with her shoes.

The shoes consisted of two golden balls, each six inches high. They placed the soles of her feet on top of the balls and secured them to her feet with a network of chains pulled tightly about her foot. She was then helped out of the chair and told to walk around the room.

Mrs. Stringent had nearly concluded showing the new dresses and gadgets and she produced two more. First was an all enveloping dress made of black rubber. She told her maid to put this on. The maid removed her own frilly dress and when she was clad in only her bra and panties, she climbed into the open end of the dress and got inside until only her head showed through. Madame pulled the drawstring tightly, then strapped up the unfortunate maid in the enveloping dress until she was a mere coccoon, a captive inside a tight web of straps.

It was at this moment that gloria tried on a satin skirt and tore it. Half in and half out of the tight skirt, Gloria looked around in amazement as she heard the material rip. Madame turned around, her face severely set. her eyes blazing in annoyance. “You naughty girl,” she admonished, "How dare you tear a dress like that. You need to be taught a very sharp lesson. Go down to the gymnasium at once!"

Her head bent in shame, Gloria put the torn garment on a chair and went to the cellar to await Madame's sentence. Mrs. Stringent then released the other girls from their costumes and told them to come with her to witness Gloria’s punishment.

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