Dirty Girl Comes Clean - illustrated bondage story with Rachel Paine

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Rachel Paine

My thanks goes out to Viking for letting me use his fab digital camera and for shooting the pictures that I'm in. Jewel took a couple on the last page... :)

Rachel stood at the mirror thinking about her date that evening. She looked at herself wondering just what type of reaction her new outfit would have on him. She knew full well it would drive him crazy.

She loved teasing him. She had been out on five dates and as yet she had not let him kiss her. It was a game that she had grown very fond of. She reached down and put her hand into her panties. She was already wet at just the thought of him sitting across the dinner table from her. Maybe she would slip off her shoe and rub her stocking foot up his pant leg. Oh the evil things that she could do...

She grabbed the sink and closed her eyes, her hips already gyrating against the touch of her fingers. Suddenly the door swung open and she opened her eyes in shock. It was him. She stood there unable to move. How had he gotten in? She couldn't say anything. She just stood there totally embarrassed.

Rachel Paine masturbation

'Rachel, you are a dirty, dirty girl.' He said, grabbing her and thrusting her against the sink.

'Le-Let go of me!' Rachel cried, as her wrists were pulled together behind her back. 'Wh-What are you doing!?'

'Just teaching you a little lesson.'

Rachel struggled and squirmed, but it was useless. After a very short time, her hands were tied tightly behind her. As soon as he was done with that, he pulled her brand new dress down and cut the shoulders off.

'HEY!' You just ruined my god-damned dress...!' Rachel screamed, but he said not a word. Instead, he pulled her dress down to her ankles and began tying her elbows tightly behind her.

'Ah....' Rachel moaned. 'That's so tight...'

Again without a word, he grabbed her bra and pulled it down, exposing her pert breasts.

'How dare you!' Rachel screamed. 'What do you think you are doing?'

Again no answer... only more ropes. This time he looped a rope around her waist and then pulled the ends up between her legs - drawing her wet panties deep inside of her.

Then he forced her down on to the edge of the tub and pulled off her shoes.

Rachel Paine force bound Rachel Paine lingerie bondage

'Get in the tub...' he ordered.

Rachel was in no position to disobey and did as she was told. He then quickly tied her knees and ankles with more rope.

Rachel watched as he walked out of the room. She pulled at her wrists and ankles, but they were so tightly tied that she had absolutely no chance at pulling free from then. She twisted around in the tub, trying to get some type of leverage. Then she heard footsteps... He was back.

'This is so you don't go anywhere.' he said, as he pulled her hands to her feet until she was tightly hogtied.

'Please let me g-' she started, but her words were cut off by the large black ball gag that was forced into her mouth.

'What was that you were saying?' He asked smiling.

'MMLLFT MMMME MMPHGO!' Rachel screamed into her gag.

'I totally agree. I think your behavior earlier this evening certainly needs correcting. I think we need to wash that attitude away...' he said, his hands gripping the faucet.

....and with that he turned the water on.

'I think I'll fill this nice and slowly. It will give you some time to think about your attitude...' he said. Then without another word, he turned and left.

Rachel watched in disbelief. She pulled at her bonds, but all it seem to do was make them tighter. She tried to reach the faucet but the tub was so deep that even her feet couldn't reach it.

She thrashed around in the slowly filling tub, straining at the bonds around her.

The water continued to inch upward... slowly, but steadily engulfing her lower leg.

Rachel Paine tub hogtied

After about five minutes she heard him return.

'I forgot one special ingredient. I mean, how are you supposed to get clean without soap?' He asked, pouring a large amount of bubble bath into the tub.

'Enjoy yourself, Rachel...' he said, closing the door behind him.

Rachel writhed in the tub as she faintly heard the sound of the front door closing over the rush of the water. It was impossible to get free. In fact, the hot water was only making matters worse. It was causing not only her body, but the ropes themselves to expand, tightening their grip around her.

The water slowly rose... Rachel screamed, but the gag was just too effective and her efforts to push it out with her tongue were completely useless. The water crested her breasts and Rachel heard a click. She knew that sound - The water had risen above the level of the sensor; Within a few seconds the jets of her hot tub came alive.

She pulled at her bonds... desperately trying to gain any sort of advantage against the cruel ropes. It was useless. By now they were not only mercilessly tight, but also hard and unforgiving.

Still the water rose. Inch by inch it slowly overcame each part of her body in turn, until the only thing above the surface was her head. Oh what cruel fate! Was she doomed?

Rachel Paine lingerie hogtied Rachel Paine gagged Rachel Paine water bondage

Well of course she wasn't... But she was all wet... and so was I. The only way to get the ropes off of her was to climb in the tub with the scissors... I know... I know... you could all think of worse things... right?

Thanks Rachel for enduring this one... I know it was one very difficult scene to do and I really appreciate the effort.

hogtied lingerie bondage ball-gag redhead bondage

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