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There are a lot of guys out there that upon seeing Miss Mary Jane sitting there at the edge of the bed, her long shapely legs squeezed into those outrageously tight pants, would run over and rip them off of her in a crazed rage, only equal to their libido - but here at the cafe, well we have a slightly slower and dare I say sexier approach...

We'll let her primp and preen and tease a bit first. Girls do love to do that - almost as much as they like dressing up in the first place...

Then, if you have that extra special type of girl, she'll roll over, open the bottom drawer of the bedside table and pull out a whole bunch of white rope... yes, it does look as if she has this all planned out...

Now, wasn't it a good thing that you didn't go ripping off her clothes and spoiling all her plans?

So you begin by tying her up - and then you watch her struggle for awhile. How long - well, as long as she wants of course. Then you decide to change things up a bit...

leather bondage punishment

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