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O-girl free bondage

'Hello O-girl...' Lady Felina said into the microphone, as she sat back in her chair. Her eyes sparkled as she watched the small monitor in front of her. It displayed an unconscious O-girl in a small white room. 'Waaaaaake up...'

O-girl slowly stirred. Her head was spinning, however it only took a few moments for the effects of Lady Felina's catgas to wear off.

She stood up, turning around in a circle. She was in a small white room. There was no way out - no windows and no doors.

'What is this?' O-girl demanded, looking up above her.

'Wecome to my maze, O-girl.' Lady Felina purred, her voice echoing far above O-girl's head. 'Shall I... open it for you...?'

Lady Felina pulled a switch and one of the walls in front of O-girl began to slowly slide away, revealing a maze of white featureless passageways beyond.

'There is only one way out. I'm sitting here at the exit. If you want to find me... come and get me...'

O-girl could feel the heat of her anger flow up into her face, but she knew that showing emotion was the very thing that Felina wanted, so she pushed it back down and slowly made her way into the maze. She knew she had no choice... a quick look through her utility belt revealed that her batrope and any climbing materials had been removed by Lady Felina before her cohorts had deposited her into the chamber.

O-girl tried to keep her mind on the task at hand, but Lady Felina's constant giggles and laughter coming out of what seemed like one homogenous area above her made it hard to concentrate. Within a few minutes O-girl was hopelessly lost.

O-girl walked for what seemed an eternity, many times finding herself in a passage with no choices that wound this way an that, only to end in a dead end - requiring her to retrace her steps and start again.

Although she knew these devices where installed in the maze to defeat her spirit, O-girl could help but feel disheartened as she found herself at yet another dead end.

Slowly over time, her confident exterior began to melt and her pace through the maze quickened along with it. Panic was beginning to set in.

'It all looks the same!' O-girl cried as she turned another corner to find what seemed like a mirror image of where she came from.

The suddenly, O-girl found herself in a room with six passageways. Laughter echoed from the speakers above.

'Congratulations, O-girl.' Lady Felina purred. 'You've managed to find the center of my maze. It is such a shame you won't find your way out of it.

O-girl sat down in a heap on the floor. Her feet were killing her. She unzipped her boots and pulled her aching feet from them.

'Awww... do your poor tootsies hurt?' Felina mused, giggling.

O-girl looked above her in disgust. Then, without a word, she stood up and choose a passageway.

It arced left and then right, split into multiple strands at points along the way. O-girl walked along, but each strand that O-girl followed seemed to end at a dead end until finally a strand put her back into a room with six passageways. In the center of the room were her boots. The passage had led her back into the center of the maze from the opposite direction she had exited from it.

'Right back where you started... what a shame!' Felina laughed.

O-girl let out a curse and choose another passage.

Again, it led this way and that, with many false choice along the way, until she ended up back in the center of the maze. She chose another exit, her panic and frustration beginning to mount with every passing minute. She struggled with the puzzle, but time and time again she ended up back in the center of the maze. She tried every exit and it didn't seem to make any sense. It was like the maze was changing around her.

She turned yet another endless corner and walked right back into the center, from the same passage she had exited from.

'This can't be. This can't be.' O-girl cried falling to her knees. They all lead back here. They all lead back here!'

'Ah, O-girl... giving up so easily. I figured you had more in you than that.' Felina mocked, her giggles betraying her evil nature.

O-girl slowly got up and went back to work. Lady Felina wasn't going to beat her in this or any other game, regardless of how rigged it may be. She was going to figure out a way to win - she always did.

'You're getting warmer...' Felina cooed. "Warmer... oh, colder... warmer... warmer...'

O-girl wasn't sure if she was being serious or not. It really didn't matter. She didn't trust Lady Felina to tell the truth regardless. Then suddenly O-girl turned a corner and saw a dark room ahead with a door leading up some stairs at the far end. She raced forward.

She entered the room ran across it. Then just as she neared the far door, the beckoning opening slid shut with a crash. O-girl slid to a halt, turning on her heels she ran for the door she just entered, but again, as she neared the door, it slammed shut as well.

O-girl looked around. She was in a square room with a concrete floor. Again, there were no windows or doors, but unlike the rest of the maze, there was a roof connected to the walls. Laughter began spilling from the speaker above her.

'So close and yet so far, O-girl.' Lady Felina purred, as she slid her hand along the switch beside her. 'Going... down?'

Suddenly, O-girl felt the floor below her lurch downwards. Within moments she found herself descending in a square stone room. Along two of the walls, sharp stone spike protruded from the cold brick exterior.

After fifteen feet or so, the floor came to an abrupt stop. O-girl moved from one wall to the other, an ominous feeling creeping over her as she spun around, wondering what was coming next.

'Welcome to my playground, O-girl... I'm so happy you could drop in.'

Lady Felina pulled the switch back with glee and began cackling into the microphone as she waited for her plans to come to life. For O-girl waiting in the room below, it didn't take long for that to happen. A horrible scraping sound started from one side of the room and O-girl spun around to find the wall slowly moving towards her.

O-girl rushed to the encroaching wall and put all her weight into it. It was useless. The mechanical piston that was forcing the wall closed, was strong enough to move the heavy wall, let alone her small frame.

Closer and closer the wall came, Lady Felina's evil laughter only slightly audible over the loud screeching of stone against stone... O-girl looked at one wall and then the other, she was trapped...

Oh what cruel fate!

Will O-girl be skewered by Lady Felina diabolical trap?

Is our favorite plucky heroine doomed to be turned into a flat purple pin cushion?

Find out in the next exciting episode!

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