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Tricia Wilds lingerie bondage

Yummy... That was about what I was thinking when I was scanning these pictures this week. Cory and I met Tricia in Vegas during CES. She told Cory that she didn't shoot bondage and he pretty much went, "okay... that's cool". But then she saw Cory's little demonstration with Nikki (during an IA2000 party) and had second thoughts.

Turned out that Miss Tricia kinda liked the whole bondage thing... isn't that interesting?

Okay she is not only intrigued by the whole bondage thing, she is also freakin' flexible to boot... Cory shot with her the night before I did and she had a really nasty cold come on, so the next night I gave her a break and didn't gag her.

Those of you purists out there that are gonna be pissed... just relax... She'll be out again... :)))

I think I made up for the gag (well, actually I *know* there are those of you out there that find this *inexcusable* - but HEY), with this rather lovely prayer/hogtie position.

Sometimes things just work out... Trisha was not fond of the toe tie though... ooops... I never said bondage was easy, did I?

Trisha is one of those gals that likes to see if she can get out of the particular bondage she is tied in... she considers it a challange. I wasn't there the night before when she was basically flipping over the platform bar backwards in an attempt to get free. That was probably a sight...

This one though, after a few seconds, she pretty much decided that she'd just let me untie her... I made sure that all the knots were below her prying fingers Note: her wrist ropes connect to both the crotch rope and the rope running down the middle of her shoulder blades... and of couse the ropes around her upper arms... Sorry Trish... you're not goin' anywhere... ;)

Tricia Wilds stockings hortied

hogtied stockings slavegirl lingerie bondage

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