Rachel Paine reverse prayer box tie

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Rachel Paine bondage

So is it a special occasion when Rachel comes to town? Well, of course it is... {[wmbc52457z.jpg]} {[wmbc52458z.jpg]} {[wmbc52459z.jpg]}

I not only met my wife while visiting her in New York, but she and Michael King have come out and lived with Jewel and I for two separate extended periods of time in Los Angeles. So we are close and you know we just have way too much fun... it was great to see her and it was certainly better to tie her up again... :)

This is another of those modified semi reverse prayer box tie things that I've been experimenting with lately... This one was particularly ferocious...

I know this doesn't look especially difficult, but if you really want to figure out what this is like... well, put your arms behind your band and then reach up with both hands at the same time - oh wait, but at the same time have someone push her elbows inward... there ya go. Now stay like that for about a half an hour...

I don't really have to that this sort of bondage isn't for the beginner - but oops, I just did.

Please, please don't introduce your lovely lady to bondage by trying this on her. It will be the last time you ever tie her up again... guaranteed...

Yes, you'll note that this set is sort of short - and it changes and then ends rather abruptly. That is because I shot a nice bit of video (coming up later this week) - and then changed it up half way through... ending in a lovely hogtie. But when it came to doing the pictures of that ending bit - well, Rachel had a pain alond her arm in a place where there were no ropes... {[wmbc52489z.jpg]}

So... of course the ropes came off immediately. It turns out everything was okay - but you can never be too cautious with bondage. That is the responsibility you get when someone gives you all that control... you have to exercise it.

Rachel was a bit bummed and worried that I didn't have enough pictures - but you know... it's okay. I'd much rather not have pictures and be able to tie her up again... I think that is a much better trade off... :)

And what was my reward for such galant behavior? Well, to get slimed of course - Yeah, I like drool - looking at it come out of the girls mouth... not slimed all over much face... thanks Rachel - that was classic... ;)

Rachel Paine reverse prayer box tie Rachel Paine hogtied gagged

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