Randy Moore - bondage in wet sand

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Randy Moore rope tied

Randy screamed as she squirmed in the ever deepening sand. Her earlier dilemma had become a trifle. Now she was in serious trouble - and every time she moved, it got worse.

It had started when she decided that she wasn't going to wait around for Mary Jane to untie her. Instead, she figured that she would just wade around to the boat that was moored several coves away.

It seemed like a good plan until she started crawling on her knees towards the water. Then suddenly, the wet sand below began to give way and her knees started sinking into the mush below her. In a panic she tried to stand up and get back to solid ground but it was a huge mistake. First one foot and then the other disappeared eagerly into sand. She turned and wrenched herself back towards what had been dry land - but every step she took only sank her into the ground further and further. Finally, after a couple of steps she found she couldn't get either foot out at all. She was completely stuck.

Now every time she tried to pull a foot free, it would only push the other foot in deeper...

She screamed into her gag, twisting and pulling at her legs. It was useless. Within only a few moments she was up to first her thighs and then her crotch - and still she could feel the sand under her feet give way deep beneath her.

'I'm sinking!' She cried, looking around her in growing terror.

As thick as the muck was around her, it was somehow equally unstable - and the more she moved the worse it got. Randy looked down. She was now up to her waist...

There had to be a way out of this stuff... there had to be.

"Stop panicing!" Randy thought. It was only making it worse. With every ounce of will power she could muster, she did just that.

And then she had an idea. She leaned back as far as she could - and stopped struggling. At first she didn't think this was going to do anything either, but then slowly she felt the sand's grip on her ankle give way slightly. Slowly... very slowly she lifted first one leg and then another.

It was excruiatingly slow going. If she moved to fast, the sand would close around her...

After what seemed like an age Randy felt her legs pop free. She slid onto her stomach and let out a high pitched moan of success. She looked down at her legs. She was covered in brownish goo.

'Well, it will wash off.' She thought as she sat up. 'And this will certainly make a great story for later.' She started to laugh but then stopped as she felt the muddy sand give way beneath her.

Within only a matter of moments her legs had disappeared back into the ground - and now it seemed even squishier than before...

She tried to sit back again, but found now it wasn't working. Something had changed...

'Help!" Randy screamed into her gag, looking around in despair. There was no one...

Randy Moore gagged in sand

punishment corset gagged slavegirl

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