The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 6

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She had heard the slit at the stitching. She felt the cellarís warm air across her cunt. It started getting wet immediately, against her horrifed will. Then his thumb was there, digging. She could do something about it, but none of it was effective. She screamed, but no one heard. She writhed, but she couldnít hit him. Her arms were still behind her, her wrists crossed, sandwiched between the thick mattress and her slim, strong torso. She tried to kick, but her legs were tied down to rings bolted into the concrete foor, set at each corner of the mattress.

He had laid on top of her again, sandwiching her further. He had placed the crown of his penis against her beaver, its head settling between her cunt lips. Then, with a strong, smooth surge, he had inserted the full length of his hard shaft inside her.

Melissa started screaming. She started trying to sit up. She tried to close her legs or kick. Soon she was crying, with great wracking sobs, as he just kept surging inside her. He held her head, or her shoulders, or took great fstfuls of her wonderful red hair as ballast. His chest squashed her tits, whose nipples had receded deep into the mounds.

Soon all she could do was gasp as he repeatedly pushed. She felt his cock getting bigger and bigger, and warmer and warmer. She felt it vibrating inside her. She pulled and wrenched at her arms, but the tape held. She tried to sit up or wriggle away, but it was no good.

She was sealed inside herself, having to endure the rape without sight or voice. Explosions went off behind her forehead. Flashbulbs went off behind her eyelids. Her loins broiled. All her muscles tightened to the snapping point. Sweat covered her face and chest. The smell of sex was almost overwhelming as her blood roared in her ears.

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