The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 7

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Her back arched and her fngers splayed as he sank all the way in for the hundredth time. Only this time he stayed there. Only this time he held her aloft by prick alone. Only this time he came.

She screamed one long, horrible scream of violation into the thick packing and sticky, heavy plastic gag. The top of her head scraped the mattress, her long red hair faming out like sunbeams. Then she collapsed. He lay there, still inside her, as her cunt instinctively lapped up the gooey cum.

He leaned on one elbow, absentmindedly fondling her right tit. “You don’t know how long I waited to do that,” he said quietly as she started crying again, her head nodding. “I’ve been watching you for weeks. Months. I saw you come out of that health food store. I followed you. I found out where you lived. I was lying behind that little mound of grass across the street, behind the motel. With binoculars. I watched you every night.” He smiled, tickling her nipple. “Thanks for keeping the shade up slightly.” She gasped, still for a second, then started sobbing again.

“I watched you undress for bed every night,” he said. I watched you get dressed every morning.” He grabbed her head and started slobbering her ear. “I saw you take off your sweaters, shirts, and even your bra. I saw you pull off your pantyhose and panties. I saw you dress up. I saw you go out. I saw you put on your nighties and teddies. I saw you going to bed in just a T-shirt. I imagined then what it would be like to fuck you.”

He held her head back with one handful of hair and started suckling her throat. “It was just as good as I imagined,” he whispered. “So tight, so warm, so wet, so red.” He leaned up, still holding her hair. “And no ‘you’re not doing this right, you’re not doing that right, that hurts, I don’t feel anything’ shit either. No,” he said, leaning down over her face.

“You just have to lie there and take it, don’t you? Perfect, huh? Probably the best sex you ever had ... bitch.”

He threw her head down, letting it sink into the mattress. Finally he pulled his dick out of her and quickly set to work making sure she wouldn’t go anywhere, and wouldn’t tell anyone what had happened. He had put her skirt back on, after he had pulled her tights off. It just covered her ass and cunt, as the cut leotard just covered her aching tits. He also taped her shoes on, so any crawling would be difficult, and any getting to her feet would be impossible. The only thing he didn’t do was tie her to a bolted ring in the floor. Instead, he gave her the freedom of the cellar, and left with a “that ought to hold you.”

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