The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 13

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That’s when he grabbed her arm and slapped the moist pad over her nose again. Her head reared back, but it was already against the wall. Her legs shook, but with her thighs cinched she couldn’t run, and with her heels taped on her feet, she could hardly kick. She had to stand there, her entire body vibrating, and take it.

She wasn’t really aware of the drug covering her brain. All she remembered was the sensation of her naked tits quivering.

When she woke up, she was downstairs. Her elbows were no longer tied together. She sighed, almost crying in thanks. She felt relaxed, calm, and, except for the ropes, almost comfortable.

Then she stiffened, realizing where she was. She was sitting on her knees, her legs wide. Her ankles (the high heels still on) were tied to the very tops of her thighs. Her skirt was hitched all the way up to her hips. She felt the air caressing her ass cheeks. Her panties -- those lovely, off white lace things -- were missing.

She tried to wrench her arms forward to cover herself or push down her skirt. Those limbs remained in the middle of her back. He had tied her wrists together over one another, her fngers pointing in different directions. Her shirt was still on, still open, still tucked in. Her bra was still off. But now two bands of rope were tied around her torso, above and below her breasts. Her wrists were tied from both. Not only were her wrists together, but they were hanging from one strand, and pulled down by the other. Dana reared up, bleating, but she couldn’t throw herself off the couch. His hands were on her legs. She was sitting on him.

He was facing the room. She was facing the wall. His feet were on the living room foor. Her shins were deep in the sofa cushions on either side of his legs. He was sitting way back, sloped toward the wall. She was falling face frst in that direction. Her tight feshcolored stockings were now completely exposed, as was the fact that she wore a gray garter belt holding them up. She was a real modern businesswoman, with all the high price lingerie that went with it. He embraced her.

“Back in the real world, honey?” he asked. “How nice.” She felt it before she saw it. The crown of his penis was resting against her thatch of brown cunt hair. He was naked, sitting under her. She reared back, screaming and shaking her head. The screams, as always, were almost totally swallowed up by the three-part gag which obscured the bottom of her face, held in place between her jaw and her nose. He held her in place, starting to pull her deeper into the couch. She felt the cock crown move in between her vaginal lips. She tried to wrench herself back, but he held her. She tried to slam her head into his face, but he grabbed her hair, and pulled her onto his shoulder.

“Come on, baby,” he said, putting his other hand on one tight ass cheek and pulling with consistent pressure. “This is exactly what I was talking about. Too much energy. We’ve got to tire you out, dear. Come on, honey,” he continued, letting gravity move her further onto his hard dick, “Relax.”

She started to cry on his shoulder, her own shoulders wracked, while he moved his cock inside her. They both felt the thick feshy rod slide in, the sides of her cunt puckering and shaping itself to him. She felt her breasts rest on his chest and stomach, fattening as she was pulled closer and closer. She jerked her arms, trying to pull her hands free, but the ropes bit and held. She tried to jump away, but all that happened was the tip of her high heel pumps made a little circle in the air.

She choked and coughed as the dick went all the way in. Only then did he let go of her hair.

She threw her head back, the hair fying around the gag, but his hands had moved to her legs, keeping her frmly on his cock. Now he was sunk deep in the old sofa’s cushions, and she was impaled on his lap, her tired legs wide. Now she’d have to bend almost double to hit him with her head.

Instead, she shook her upper body with all her might, like a proud pony unwilling to be broken. She made a noise which was like a human whinny of defance ... for all the good it did her.

She gagged, her head falling back, limp, as he took her tits in his hands, holding her on that way. Only then did he start rocking with his hips.

Dana felt the cock move in and up, in and up. She felt herself getting moist from the stimulation, no matter how hard she tried to ignore it. She looked away, to the left, toward the window she knew was there. All she saw was a fuzzy, off-white rectangle. The shades, as always, were drawn. outside, the families were walking the dog, having dinner, going to the store or the movies. Outside, the sidewalks were covered with oblivious people. Inside she was getting raped. And she couldn’t even see it. All she could do was feel it.

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