The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 14

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He was very slow at frst, but as the minutes passed, his surging became more violent and insistent. He bounced her on his lap, practically throwing her up and down. She shook her head, tucked her chin, and threw her head back as her wrists coiled in the rope, her fngers making agonized fsts. Her legs were useless, dead things attached to her shapely hips.

She gasped, choked, moaned, and cried; her eyes widening and screwing shut in succession. She was forced to ride him, the cock slamming into her. Her torso few back and forth, her tits failing, as he held her on with his fngers curled around each frm ass cheek. Sweat dripped from her hair, forehead, and nose onto the slickness of her chest above and between her breasts. The skin was an even deeper, shinier hue, and her freckles were even darker.

Suddenly he pushed against her breasts, making her fall back. She screamed in surprise, her eyes snapping open -- but then she was on her back, on the foor. He was right on top of her, still slamming his meat in her cunt as her bent, deadened legs fopped open on either side of his thrusting form.

Down there it was even worse. Now all he had to do was push and pull his hips. He didn’t have to move her at all. Her breath came in gasps and grunts as he continued to plunge into her sopping wet maw. She tried to wriggle away like a snake, but he stayed on top of her. She tucked her chin in again, trying to see what he was doing in order to avoid him, but it was just a dark blur. Her neck stretched and she ground her head on the carpet in anger and frustration. She pulled at the ropes, but they just moved without letting go or giving way. His body mashed her tits, repeatedly slamming her into the foor.

She lay there as he became more frenetic, her muscles getting tighter and tighter as her nerves responded to his attack. She felt her vagina grip his cock in a frenzy as the heat built to the bursting point. She felt her skin getting hotter and hotter, the heat creeping up her body pore by pore. Her form writhed, glistening, until it felt as if she was covered in rain.

She used all her remaining strength to try pulling out, pulling away, but that’s when he did a push up off her. That’s when he choked back a cry. That’s when his cock shot up all the way inside her, and spurted. Dana made one short scream of horror, shaking her shoulders, and tried to sit up. He merely put one hand on her chest and pushed her back down again.

They just lay there for a second, him on one elbow, his cock still inside, breathing heavily. Then she started to curse, shaking her head madly, while attempting to slither away on her elbows.

He grabbed one tit to keep her from going too far. “See what I mean?’ he said quietly, almost laughing. “Too much energy. You work out way too much.” She tried to shrink, to pull her breast out from under his grip, but it was too full, too pendulous too perfect. All she succeeded in doing was pulling it out to its optimum length. They both stared at it as she tried to get away.

“No, no,” he said tiredly, grabbing the other tit and pulling her back with them as she choked and shook her head agonizingly. He pinioned her to the foor with his body, his cock still not completely out of her cunt. “We’ve got to make you nice and quiet,” he told her, putting his fnger to his lips. “Shhh. That’s the girl,” he continued, fondling one breast as she tried to grind her teeth beneath the bandages. He looked around the room.

“What shall we do?” he wondered.

“What shall we do?”

A little later that night, the people who had gone out for dinner or the movies were coming home. Dana heard them. She heard their cars drive up, she heard the car doors open, she heard the car doors close, she heard them walk across the lawn, she heard them talking, she heard them opening their front doors, she heard them going inside, she heard the front doors closing. She heard them all, but saw nothing because the shades were still drawn.

They didn’t hear anything either, because the only noises in the room were the radio, their grunting, and the creaking of the couch.

Dana was bent forward over the left arm of the couch. Her ankles (feet still in the pumps) were bound separately to the left side sofa legs. Her skirt was bunched around her belt. Her arms and wrists were still tied, and she was gagged, exactly the same. Her stockings and garter belt were still adhered to her wonderfully long, shapely legs.

He was holding onto her hips, fucking her up the ass. He had found the vaginal and petroleum jelly in the bathroom upstairs as she had tried to squirm toward the door. She had hardly made it halfway when he returned. Try as she might to kick him when he undid her legs, they were useless. They only started to tingle again after he had tied her to the couch. He bent over, laying on her back and bound arms, reaching beneath her shirted torso for her wonderful hanging tits. He gripped them tightly, sighing and cooing, driving his cock into her.

All Dana could do was grunt as her hair hung, wet and limp, from her head, and a pool of sweat widened beneath her face, staining the couch cushions. She only cried out when it was especially painful: her head coming up, and a loud “mmmmph!” flling the room.

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