The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 36

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clamped gaggged in corset
tied in latex
crotchrope corset
rope tied in garter belt

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He found himself holding his breath as Barbara appeared in the doorway of her high-rise dorm. No one else seemed to notice how she stood out in the small crowd on the sidewalk of the University. She was no younger, no taller, and no more full of life, but her blue eyes twinkled, and her blonde hair was real -- unmarked by coloring or tint.

In a word, Barb was pure. She wore blue jeans, a black turtleneck sweater, sweat socks, and white running shoes. But they couldnít disguise her marvelous body, and wonderful teardrop shaped breasts which bobbed beautifully high on her chest. They, like her form, were incredibly frm, but not muscular. She was smooth, tight, and curved all over.

He waited until she was gone, then waited some more -- until his excitement ebbed, and his intensity height-ened. He parked the car close to the rear exit of the dorm, took his leather satchel, and stepped out into the asphalt-covered lot. He stood facing the waterfront, watching the sunset. The golden and deep purple colors washed over him.

He felt the cool air of the early evening, smiling at the thought of the nearing night. He knew that by the time she got out of class, it would be dark ... and he would be in her sixth foor room.

Barbara put the key in the dorm room lock, turned it to the right, and twisted the doorknob. She pushed the obstruction inward, and turned immediately to the left. After the frst semester, she all but ignored the room. It was the same small rectangle with the desk and bureau in front of the windows on the far wall, the closet door behind the entrance door, the tiny fridge and chair on the left wall, and the steel and wood bed by the inside wall.

Barbara had tossed her book bag onto the bed, and was about to continue moving toward the fridge when she was slowed by something nagging at her mind. She slowed and straightened, trying to fgure it out what it was, but without stopping. She was vaguely aware of the door automatically clicking closed behind her as she realized that the venetian blinds were down and completely closed over the windows.

The full realization stabbed into her brain like a knife. She hadnít left them like that when she left....

Barbara stopped still in the middle of the room, staring at the wall over her desk and bureau. For all intents and purposes, she didnít even feel the cosh.

He saw it as if in slow motion. He had hit her exactly right at the crown of her head, mussing her cap of pure yellow hair as if running his fngers through it. He heard the dull thud, and then her head went back slightly, her knees bent, her back arched, and she started to go over.

He dropped the padded black cosh on the foor and wrapped one arm around her waist. Just to be on the safe side, he slipped his other hand over his mouth as she collapsed.

He nearly gasped at the feel of her frm richness. Her lips even felt sweet. They were warm and cool at the same time. Her facial skin was so soft, it felt like solid cream. He could hardly contain himself; his member about to rip through both their jeans. But somehow he managed to get her over onto the bed.

Containing his enthusiasm, he rolled her over onto her back. He nearly gasped again. She looked so ripe and innocent with her eyes closed, and her mouth slightly open, that again he had to visibly control himself. Still, he couldnít resist placing his hands over her contained orbs and testing the material.

The little catch in her breathing snapped him out of his idolatry. He quickly grabbed for his satchel under the bed, and went to work.

Barbaraís big blue eyes snapped open. She had been dreaming of foating in a caressing nothingness, complete with a base beat. She awoke to fnd the music and massage were all too real. The sound of loud, insistent rock music was coming through the walls. Hands were gripping her sweater. Fingers were sinking into her breasts over and over again, pulsing.

The frst thing she was aware of was that her bra was gone. Her solid, wide breasts were moving freely under the thick, tight, clinging, ribbed black cotton. The second thing she was aware of was that her jeans, socks, and sneakers were gone. Her frm, shapely, smooth, long legs were completely uncovered.

And they were wide. The third thing Barbara was aware of was the man sitting beside her thin, curved waist, squeezing her tits.

She surged up to fght; ready to punch, scratch, scream, and tear.

The fourth thing she became painfully aware of was the rope.

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