The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 37

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Her head came up, her throat thickening as her tendons and veins stood out, but her movement was braked before her head was even a foot off the pillow. The muscles at her shoulders were horribly yanked as sweat popped off her brow. She blinked it out of her sparkling eyes as she fell back onto the pillow again, her wrists writhing in their bonds beneath her.

Not just beneath her, but beneath the bed as well. That was what was stopping her. Her arms were yanked back, and down, and affxed to the metal frame beneath the mattress, underneath the bed.

He smiled as he thought of her short, red-painted fingernails reaching for some sort of purchase.

Though still in shock, Barbara tried to twist away from him, fnally becoming aware of the tight, thin, cruel ropes around her ankles, affxing them to the opposite tops of the baseboard. They were pointing up slightly, as if on display.

And, fnally, she became aware of how her feet were cramped and her toes pointing in the severe, shiny, black high heels wedged onto her. Her eyes raced down her naked limbs, her head getting hot as she saw the tiny oasis of pure white between her legs. Her g-string panties were still on, but there were no skintight jeans to cover them.

Barbara writhed, screaming -- then stopped dead, stunned at the small, forsaken sound which managed to emerge from her widened mouth. Her big blue eyes rolled down in their sockets, just taking in the incredible truth.

She was still wearing the skintight black turtleneck, only its hem was pulled down to her thighs, and its neck was rolled up over her mouth.

An incredibly tight band of thin white was just under her nose, right between her lips, and tight around her throat. It kept her breath short, her turtleneck up, and the big ball of sweat socks flling her entire mouth.

She screamed again, writhed, shook from side to side, and kicked with all her might. When nothing happened, she stopped in terrifed amazement. She stared at her captor in growing horror as he merely continued to squeeze her buoyant, teardrop mounds.

“Don’t want to disturb your hard studying neighbors,” he whispered sarcastically.

She screamed; the resulting noise giving the muffed rock music no competition whatsoever. Her head went “ back, then snapped up again, her eyes staring angrily at her captor, her chest heaving with the effort. He merely squeezed once more, considering.

“Got to keep you quiet,” he mused, rubbing his hands on her breasts, then squeezing them together. “Got to let them get some work done, huh?”

She struggled beneath his grip, more purposefully this time. Her wrists and ankles twisted agonizingly ... to no avail.

“Got to keep you occupied until it’s time to go,” he whispered, scratching at her covered nipples. She mewed and tried to sink into the mattress. One of his hands reached down until the fngers curled around the inside of her frm left thigh. He leaned in until his face was no more than an inch from hers. “Got any ideas?”

The rape was astonishingly slow. Barbara just lay there beneath him, quietly sobbing and choking in disbelief. She would shake her head, her fngers would claw, her hands writhe, and then her head would sink into the pillow, her eyes seeking the headboard for some sort of blank respite. Tears would stream out from the corners, making them an even brighter blue.

His hands were under her shoulders, making her arm bonds even tighter. His body completely covered hers, his ass between her spread legs. Occasionally her ankles would twist in their bonds, but mostly they just lay in the crooks of the baseboard, the high heels’ black patent leather shining, her smooth, silky limbs gleaming in the dark.

And all the time he was inside her. The black turtleneck was still on, but the panties were off, revealing her tuft of soft, thick, full, yellow public hair. The hem of the sweater lay just above it, sandwiched between them by his torso.

Deep in the fuffy cunt was his long, stiff, hard member -- moving slowly up by centimeters. For what seemed like hours he had been pushing it in and pulling it out in super slo-mo.

“Can’t have the neighbors thinking anyone’s home,” he had whispered after climbing on her, and cutting off the soft cotton g-string. “These dorm beds are notoriously creaky. So we’ll just take it nice and easy, all right?’

So saying, he had set himself up on her, ignoring her contortions. He did a push up, placing the crown of his penis against her tuft-covered vagina. And he stayed that way until she stopped screaming and writhing around.

She lay there, trying to breathe, since the multi-layer gag cut off so much of her air. He looked down into her sweat-covered, fresh, youthful, adorable face, waited a full fve seconds, then spoke.

“Be vewy, vewy quiet. I’m hunting pussies. Heh-heh-heh-heh.”

Even as she writhed anew, he carefully, purposefully, forced his cock inside her. And then slowly, smoothly, millimeter by millimeter, he let it grow inside her. He kept going, slow and steady, like rock-hard molasses, no matter what she did. He just pushed, bit by tiny bit, until his entire length flled her tight, warm, wet cunt.

He only stayed there for a nanosecond. And then he started the slow, awful trip out again. It seemed to take minutes, Barbara going slowly crazy as he ignored all her pleading and twisting. But just as it seemed he would exit her completely, the cock crown stilled at the very tip of her girlhood, then moved slowly back in.

Barbara’s head came up, her covered, packed mouth pounding against the crook of his neck and shoulder. His chest mashed her covered breasts, pressing them down into her chest. Her tight buttocks clenched and unclenched again and again, almost against her will, as his unaltered, unchecked snail’s fuck continued.

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