The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 39

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She started to bleat again as his fngers wrapped around her other ankle. She screeched as he pulled it wide and roped it to the banister support almost a yard down from the frst. She had to twist her feet in to stay secure, and cringed, testing the limits of the new bonds.

He grabbed her waist and pressed up against her as her head lolled back. “Don’t need no rope here,’ he said, his fngers digging into the cloth. “I’ll keep you standing.” Then he was slobbering on her face and grinding a hand on her breast.

Barbara tried to scream and kick, but the restraints were working too well. Still, for a split second he disappeared from her sensory world. For a moment she was alone, sealed inside her frm, but soft, form . But then she heard the zipper, and he was on her again. His hands moved quickly down her body, shaping her skin like clay. His breath was hot in her ear. “That was pretty good for you, wasn’t it?” he hissed. “You got off, what? Three times? Four? Yeah,, pretty good for you all right...... Then his fngers were on her thighs, curling under the turtleneck hem, pulling it up like gift-wrapping. “Now it’s my turn......

Barbara was about to contort, she was about to scream, but then his cock was inside her, slamming up all the way. The twisting contortion became a jerking spear, and the scream became a sudden cry of surprise and pain. But then she didn’t have time to think anymore. It wasn’t anything like last time. This wasn’t slow at all. Almost before she conceived the frst thrust, he did it again ... and again ... and again.

It wasn’t slow, no, but it was just as purposeful as before. Only the purpose had changed. Last time he had been trying to make her crazy. This time he just wanted to fuck her brains out.

He jammed into her again and again, faster and faster, harder and harder, until she was almost glad she was tied down. If not, the rape would have thrown her over the edge. He sank his fngers into her tight ass cheeks, slamming his meat home over and over again as she jiggled and moaned.

He held her ass tighter and tighter as her muscles clenched, making it harder and harder. Her spine arched and her head went further and further back as he kept thrusting. Suddenly her feet were off the foor, her ankles twisting in the rope. Saliva coursed down her throat, tears wetting her blindfold. Somehow the sun- glasses stayed on.

He paid attention to nothing but his need. He held onto her magnifcent ass cheeks and buried himself in her tight, wet, warms soft, undulating cunt. It gripped him like fngers, taking him on with more fervor every time. He stared down at the pure, smooth, creamy alabaster fesh of her fat stomach, her magnifcently long, perfect legs, then up at the black cotton which furred her shapely form and molded tits.

Her face, her hair, all was perfection as he watched her soft, round, red lips work under the tape. That’s all he needed. He felt the eruption coming, and held on for dear life.

He grabbed her ass cheeks even tighter, thrust all the way up, and grunted as his cum exploded. Barbara was all the way up on her tiptoes, her back bent all the way over the banister, her head hanging over the stairwell as he came inside her.

She couldn’t believe it. She wasn’t in an alley. She wasn’t in a cellar. She was in the stairwell of her own dormitory. She had been raped twice right in the middle of dozens of other girls, and no one knew about it but her.

Then she started to sob, her body wracked with pain and horror.

‘There, there,” he muttered, one arm curling around her. He reached forward with the other, getting a fstful of her sweater, and dragging her torso up. He hugged her to him with one arm, and ground her left breast with the other. “There, there ....”

He let go of her tit just long enough to pull her sweater hem down to the very top of her thighs again -- only he didn’t pull his cock out. He let that stay, throbbing deep within her, as he covered her wonderful, small, round, tight ass with the black cotton.

“There we go,” he whispered, putting the hand on the back of her head, and forcing her face onto his shoulder. “All nice and even now, aren’t we? Fair is fair.” And they stayed that way for a minute or two, the perfect blonde girl, bound to the thick metal banister, shivering against her embracing rapist and captor as he “soothed” her ... and she tried to scream around the swashes of gooey tape which sealed her lips.

He knew he truly had her when they reached the back exit door. As he was about to take Barbara out, someone was trying to get in. He immediately pushed the blindfolded, bound, and gagged girl back frst against the wall, keeping one hand on her throat. Barbara just stood there, knees together, head down, the coat and cap back on.

He was suddenly pressed tightly against her, his arm against her throat, his hand tight over her already taped mouth. She felt his breath hot on her face as she heard the back exit door opening inward. Then, incredibly, she heard the voice of someone she knew.

The other coed and her date came stumbling into the stairwell, more than a little sloshed. The door swung wide, shielding Barbara and her captor from view, but then automatically swung shut behind them.

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