The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 40

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Still holding the blonde by the neck and mouth, covering her form with his own, he turned his head to see the other girl trying to get to the stairs while sucking face. The new pair gasped and smooched and hugged and kissed all the way, laughing and making all the wet, smacking sounds lusters make. He watched them until they reached the stairs, then he turned back to the blonde.

“Ssh, ssh, shh!’ the new girl told her boyfriend, holding onto the banister to stay upright. “Don’t wanna ... don’t wanna wake anybody up.” Then she straightened shakily, narrowing her eyes. She peered over to the exit door, beside which were two others. They seemed to be doing the exact same thing the new cou- ple was.

The guy had his back to them, holding his girl tight, while the girl in the cap and canvas coat undulated and contorted like a hula dancer in molasses. His mouth was wide, sealed over the lower half of her face like a suction cup. “Hey, hey, hey,’ the new guy laughed. “They have the right idea.” Then he grabbed his girl, and pulled her to him.

While he slobbered, the new girl tried to recognize the other pair. At frst she thought the girl might be someone she knew, but then her coat fell open and the new girl saw the incredible leg -- all of it ... the sweater hem just barely covering her crotch.

Any thought of recognition went out of the new girl’s fuzzy mind at the sight of the shiny black high heel. No one she was thinking of wore anything that sexy.

Then her boyfriend’s lips had found her face, and she forgot about the other couple. “Come on, come on, come on,’ she whispered, laughing. “Up to my room. We can’t be caught here.’ She started to drag him up, but he took the time to turn around.

“That’s the ticket brother!” he said, egging the other couple on. “That’s the way to do it!”

Barbara desperately tried to shout, or kick, or force him off, but he was too strong. The tape was too tight. The straps were too secure. The other couple was making too much noise. He had her against the wall, bent back by his horrid kiss, his arms gripping like a vise.

She struggled one last time, almost getting her knee in his groin, and twisting like a snake. That did it. He had to shift to stay balanced. His grip loosened, and the coat fell off her shoulders. It dropped to her feet, revealing her sleek, micro mini-skirted form.

Suddenly he could see her arms joined as one behind her. Suddenly he could see the glint of the thick, clear tape over her lips. Suddenly she stood straight, her chest thrust out, her high heels anchored on the cement foor.

And the other couple was gone. He looked over his shoulder to make sure. The staircase and frst stairwell was empty. Only then did he slam his body against hers, with one hand behind her head, and the frst two fngers of his other hand shoot- ing up between her legs.

He rooted around inside her for thirty seconds, until she was mewling and bawling like a new born kitten, then held her by the throat until the canvas coat wrapped her like mummy bandages. He dragged her outside, still sobbing, and threw her up against the side of his car.

Within seconds, he had forced her inside, closed the door, and went around the other side. She was already bucking, shaking, screaming, and kicking when he got behind the wheel. But, blindfolded and bound like that she couldn’t fnd or get to the horn.

He shoved her back, grabbed a roll of thick white tape from the glove compartment, and roughly bound her lower thighs together. Then he wrapped more around her neck, taping her to the headrest. She choked and gurgled as he buckled her in, then touched the seat back button.

Barbara was suddenly lying fat, choking even more: Her high heels were anchored to the foorboards, her arms sandwiched between her and the seat. She struggled anew as he started the engine, and slowly drove out of the parking lot.

By the time he reached the highway, she had twisted so much that the coat was bent way out of shape. He watched her undulations with a smile, then let one hand off the wheel.

He undid the belt. He undid the buttons. He fipped the coat wide. There she was, in all her splendor, the turtleneck hem midway up her tuft of soft blonde cunt hair, the rest of the garment sculpting her. He could see her nipples poking up in the middle of her quivering high chest domes.

That didn’t stop her. If anything, that made her struggle all the more. By the time he reached the rest stop, he couldn’t take it anymore. He pulled off the high- way, parked in the furthest corner of the highway res- taurant parking lot, and grabbed a knife from between the seats.

Barbara stiffened when he grabbed her sweater front. She completely stilled when she felt the cold steel on her leg.

“That’s it,” he admonished quietly. ‘Don’t move a fucking muscle.” Then very carefully, and very expertly, he lifted the sweater from her breasts and made a slit in the material from side to side just over her chest. Then he quickly put the knife away, started the car, and got back on the highway.

Within a hundred yards, Barbara was already writhing as he reached inside the slit and started kneading.

By the time they reached his house, Barbara wasn’t moving. The cap was off. The sunglasses were off. The coat was almost completely off. The sweater hem was around her waist, and the slit had become a wide hole with plenty of cleavage.

As soon as he had parked in the driveway, he attended to her expertly, with little emotion. He yanked down the sweater hem (making the chest hole even bigger ... but not quite exposing her round, pink aureoles, or nipples), carefully cut the tape around her neck, and pulled it completely off. Then he sat her up.

Making sure the car windows were tightly closed, he pulled another toy from the glove compartment, and started peeling off the tape from her mouth. He didn’t say a word, nor touched her blindfold, knowing the mystery would quiet her more than any admonition. Any word would only rise her panic ... which his constant molestation had actually quelled.

Even so, she had to try. She made a satisfed, frightened sound of relief when the last swash was pulled from her still soft, ruby wet lips, but then she twisted her body around blindly. “Please, I ...!”

But he already was jamming the big red ball against her mouth, forcing it behind her teeth. Taken by total surprise, and exhausted, the ball snapped behind her pearly whites almost immediately. She clamped down on it, gurgling. She twisted away, in panic, which only allowed him to tighten the ball gag’s strap behind her head, beneath her short yellow hair.

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