The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 42

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“Catch her ... !” the old woman cried needlessly, for he had already gripped the blonde’s elbows, and was yanking her back, away from freedom. Barbara screamed around the ball as she was thrown to the foor, and barely had time for another breath before her ass hit the plush, and he was all over her”

“Here, here,” he cried, rubbing her hands all over his crotch. ‘Feel that? Feel that? Of course I’m going to wear a cup on dates with you!’ The old woman laughed, and dragged Melissa up, wrapping her arms around the red head. She held the girl on her lap, and placed her fetid head on the youngest captive’s shoulder, so she could watch her son rip open the perfect little blonde’s sweater.

The two captors sat on either side of the foyer, each holding a girl against their chests. Barbara moaned, bawling, as he gripped her tits. Melissa gasped repeatedly through her tears as the old women nimbly pulled down the spandex front and played with the redheads bobbing breasts.

Then, as if dared, he reached down, and pulled Barbara’s sweater hem further up ... just to show off his new prize. The blonde tried closing her legs, but he merely wrapped one of his around one of hers, and pulled it slowly wide ... her high heel scraping on the carpet.

The old woman saw what was down there, then carefully took a paring knife from her housedress and held it tightly against the side of Melissa’s throat. “Open...,” she whispered with a tight smile, pressing the blade tighter against the taut fesh. ‘Open....” she repeated warningly. Slowly, as if powered by rusty machinery, Melissa opened her legs. He watched as his mother slowly revealed her handiwork. In the middle of the affxed panty section of the cheerleader outft was a crotch slit -through which the girl’s luxurious tuft of auburn cunt hair was clearly visible.

Barbara’s big blue eyes got even bigger, until it seemed they would pop out of her head. Then she went ape-shit.

He just laughed, gripped her tighter, and bore her to the foor. He just lay on top of her until her bucking, screaming, and kicking slowed from lack of breath and strength.

Meanwhile, the old woman took a fstful of Melissa’s hair from just over her brow, pulled back, and lowered the knife until the round back of the blade rested between her cunt lips. Melissa was frozen as if paralyzed.

“Let’s see what we have here,” the old woman whispered as the redhead couldn’t help but gurgle. “Let’s just see what we have....”

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