The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 71

Free bondage photos blog 13 December 2020

Moments later he was thrusting like a madman as she sobbed uncontrollably, twisting and jerking and trying to kick.

Moments later he came, pushing up off her horrifed face with one hand and crushing her left tit with the other.

A second after that he collapsed on her trembling form, diddling her round dark aureole and slobbering on her ear while keeping his cock deep in her snatch.

“Hello, Kim,” he whispered, reaching under her head. “You’re mine now.”

As she stiffened he clamped the drugged pad back over her nose, holding her tightly as she bucked and screeched.

Moments later she stilled. He just lay there in the darkness, feeling her even breathing, drinking in her glory, reliving the sensation of her sex. It was true what they said about Asians: tight, hot, and bottomless.

He couldn’t believe it when he had seen her, alone, shopping at the mall. He had been instantly obsessed. Then it was just a matter of following her until he found the right moment. It hadn’t taken long.

He sat on the edge of the bed and went through her wallet. Math freshman. Just started college. Hometown far away. He pocketed her money. He looked back at her, marveling how she combined the best of both Asian and American girl-hood. Then he secured her tits back in her bra, tore off the bottom of her shirt, exposing her midriff, cut her pants into short-shorts, forced them on, and started tying her up even more.

Moments later, she was back in the duffel bag across the back seat. Inside, the drugged pad was tied in her mouth and taped over her nose. Her legs were bent double, knees cinched, her thighs tied to her ankles with rope and tape. Her wrists were still cuffed and knotted around her waist, only now ropes embraced her arms above and be- low her tits as well. Seconds after that, he was back on the road.

Just enough time to get to that hospital parking garage before the late shift, he thought. Park near the car of that incredibly cute, incredibly stacked little black nurse he had seen by happenstance at the luncheonette earlier.

Followed her, too. Saw where she parked. Five foot, four maybe. Incredible big, dark eyes. Cute button nose. Rich red lips. Light, smooth, milk-coffee skin. Stupendous bod with big whoppers. Nice legs.... Sure, grab her, and still get back by daybreak. Maybe he’d use the old “my fance’s sick,” routine to lure her over. After all, why waste a raped, drugged beauty in the back seat...?

A motorhome going south nearly sideswiped him, yanking him out of his reverie. He jerked the wheel over to give the lumbering roadhog room. “Pick a lane and stay in it, asshole!” he bellowed, then immediately calmed, shaking his head. He had too much to do to get worked up by idiot drivers now....

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