The bouncing ball gag

Free bondage photos blog 16 January 2021

programmable ball gag for girl

ARE YOU TIRED of manually gagging your captives? Want quiet but canít step away from your experiments? Then the bouncing ball gag is the product for you! A tier-two nanocomputer encased in active super Newtonian polymer is a programmable gag for the new millennium. While inactive it looks like a simple ball, but when it detects a command action it jumps to life, bouncing across any surface to reach your captive. Once inside the targets mouth it expands to fill the oral cavity, rendering it impossible to remove and effectively silencing your captive.

The bouncing ball gag can be programmed to respond to a variety of commands. You can create code words and phrases, even simple sounds like the snapping of fingers or a whistle. But what sets this piece of technology apart is that it can respond to the actions of your captive as well! It can be set to activate when they simply talk or say certain words or phrases youíd rather they didnít. It can detect when a captive enters or leaves a specified area, or begins or ceases a proscribed activity

While it is Bluetooth compatible and can be removed at the push of a button, you donít even have to remove it manually! The bouncing ball gag can be programmed to remove itself automatically in response to a variety of stimuli. Its internal timer can be set to deactivate at a certain time of day or after a set amount of time has passed. With GPS tracking it can deactivate when itís victim enters or leaves a certain area, while the biometric sensors can be utilized for this purpose as well. These sensors are quite versatile and can detect many actions, such as your captive adopting a submissive pose or a personal favorite, a swift smack on the ass.

ball-gag gagged bondage training

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