Revenge of wives

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Darcie Dolce bound gagged

Darcie was looking in wonder at her neighbors. She was invited to a party and now she was stripped, bound and gagged in front of a dozen women. One of them started talking: “She looks cute isn’t she?”. “Look at her perky breasts”, the other said and Darcie still had no idea whats going on. “You think, that you can wear sexy outfits in this neighborhood and flirt with our husbands and we will just sit here and watch, how you sleeping with them? Tonight we will show you, what happens to a girl, who tries to seduce our husbands.” “Mmmppphhh?” “Enjoy your time now. As soon as men come, we are going to take photos of you and play with that beautiful body of yours. Who knows, maybe we keep you as our toy for a while.”

Darcie Dolce bondage


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