Rope bondage struggle in nylon photos

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chair bondage struggle

With the day off and my wife at work for the day, I decid to dress up and indulge in some self bondage. After doing my hair and makeup I put on my breast forms and bra. I pull on a short white skirt, a brown knit top, and a pair of white ankle strap high heel pumps. It takes quite some time but I tightly tie myself to a chair. My arms are still free and I knot a scarf and use it as a cleave gag. I then struggle to get my arms through rope coils and wiggle them up over my elbows. Then I reach for my wrist coils. I place one hand through, put the cinch rope over the coils, the squeeze my other wrist through. The cinch rope is tied to my ankles. I then kick and tug really hard and the cinch tightens up. My bondage now complete I struggle playfully against my bonds, a damsel in distress. I over exert myself a little so I relax and take in my situation, I am in heaven. I guess I must have dozed off. I was awakened when I hear a car pull into the garage. I look up at the clock and it is after 5pm, the usual time my wife gets home from work. I panic and try to slip my hands out of the wrist coils. Something is wrong, I cannot do it. I bought some new nylon braid rope to replace my nylon twist rope. It is not forgiving like the nylon twist rope. I struggle frantically but only succeed in tightening my wrist coils even more as I kick my legs around. I am stuck tight and completely helpless to do anything about it. My hearts stops as I hear her high heels coming towards me. The door knob turns, the door opens, and she walks in. She see's me and just stands there in stunned silence. Embarrassed I just look down and donít make eye contact. She seems to be at a loss for words and obviously so am I.

gagged high heels bondage

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