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spread-eagled bondage in cell

They were caught bringing heroin into the country and blatantly selling it in violation of the country's strictly enforced laws. Her husband was stripped naked and hung by his neck in the market place, where it took him over an hour to die as he kicked and grabbed at the rope in futility. They left him hanging there for a full day before cutting him down.

His wife was also stripped naked and hung in a cell by her wrists and ankles while she heard the crowd cheering at her husband's execution. She will not be executed. Instead she will be hung in the market place by her wrists and ankles just as she is in her cell, and whipped daily, front and back, and then left on display till the evening when she will be put to work in the barracks, servicing the troops. She will be punished this way every day and every night.

Her home country is trying to negotiate her release, but everybody, including her and her husband, knew before hand about the strict anti-drug policy, and so her release is very unlikely. Negotiations could go on for years, and she will still not be released. Always respect the laws of the country you are visiting!

spread-eagled prison whipped punishment chained

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