Her stomach is heaving in anxiety and humiliation - bondage photos

Free bondage photos blog 23 June 2021

Julie sobs as she waits for the doorbell to ring. Her stomach clenches when she hears lots of giggling and laughing outside, followed by loud knocking and then persistent ringing of the bell.

Julie's former BFF, now her Mistress, is 'outing' her and showing her off today to all of her old friends and she has promised Julie a severe 'cunt-whipping' if she lowers her spread legs even an inch! She has made it clear to Julie that while her friends have ípussies', Julie has a 'cunt'. Pussies are for kissing and licking, while 'cunts' are for teasing, pinching, and spanking.

spread-eagled ball-gag whipped spanking punishment

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