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The kidnappers sent a ransom letter to the wealthy CEO telling him that they wanted ten million dollars for the safe release of his daughter. They set a deadline and threatened to return her, one body part at a time, if they did not receive the money in 48 hours. They sent along a picture of the young girl, naked, to prove that they meant business.

They received a furious reply telling them that his daughter had been one of the girls who had died in the botched kidnapping. The girl in the picture was a complete stranger and he refused to send them one single penny as ransom!

The kidnappers were shocked and disappointed, but at least they had the girl. They decided to keep her in their hidden underground hideout as a plaything and a fuck toy. These men didn't play nice and they were going to take out their anger and frustration on her sweet little ass, and tits, and pussy, over the next few years. The poor girl!

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