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Elizabeth and Margaret were driving back towards their lodging when they were stopped by a large crowd of men and women in the road. They were horrified to see Mark Lester, the handsome young man who was with them in the plane that brought the three of them to this remote island for a two week vacation.

They had Mark stripped naked and tied to an x-frame and they were whipping his ass and his legs as the people cheered and waved torches. They noticed that there were two more x-frames next to the one that Mark was on. Both were empty.

Just then Elizabeth looked up from behind the steering wheel and saw four men with torches headed straight for their car. In a panic she whispered to Margaret to lock the door, but Maggie had her panties pulled halfway down and was rubbing her pussy as she stared trance-like at the brutal whipping that Mark was getting.

"Maggie, the door! Lock it, please! Hurry!! But it was too late, the men had already opened it and began hauling Maggie out of the car with her panties still down and her hand still rubbing furiously between her legs. Elizabeth just knew that those other two x-racks were for them!

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