This doesnt look good for Jeannine - bondage photos

Free bondage photos blog 30 July 2021

Jeannine has been kept as a prisoner for months. They treat her with contempt and on her very first day they took her clothes away and have promised that she will stay naked for the rest of her 'life sentence'. She is punished daily in the courtyard, usually by whipping or paddling her buttocks for the entertainment of the guards.

Yesterday she was told that she will put on a 'show' for invited guests and their families today in the courtyard. They have been busy sawing wood and hammering all day. Jeannine feels panic in the pit of her stomach when she peers through the bars and sees the platform, and the huge number of bleacher type seats that are being erected. They're making this stage with care and her guard laughed and hinted that it was to become a permanent structure.

Jeannine hasn't been told what kind of a 'show' she was going to put on, but the excitement of the guards indicates that it will probably be more degrading than she could ever imagine.

prison chained shackles

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