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Free bondage photos blog 5 September 2021

"Get... right... up...there... 'Whap! Whap!' on your knees. Stick your ass OUT. Spread your knees... Wider! 'Whap!' Wider!! This is how I want our friends to see you when they get here. Hahahaha!"

"Those tears might work on some women, but I get HORNY watching you cry! I want to see MORE! Hahaha! 'Whap!'

"I am no longer you 'friend'. 'Whap!' I am your 'Owner' now and you are MY SLAVE! 'Whap!' And you're gonna STAY my slave! 'Whap!'"

"I've waited a long time to get you like this.

To really, completely OWN you. Now that I've finally got you, I am going to have FUN with your ass! 'Whap!' Hahahahaha!"

"Oh Gawd, Elizabeth OUCH!! Please!!

OUCH!! I'm begging you... PLEEEASE! OWW! OWW!!! 'sniff!' PLEASE!!" I think that's them now!

slavegirl humilation collar femdom spanking whipped

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