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Free bondage photos blog 8 October 2021

The best in show gets a nice reward. The worst in show gets some major humiliation.

Karen has invited her three best friends to her house for a small party. They were each asked to bring their slaves. Karen's slave is taking the pictures for now, but as soon as the guys arrive she will turn over her camera and join her sister slaves on the mat.

The slaves will participate in a type of 'bitch show', with each trying their best to impress the judges with their training as they bark, wag their asses, and obey commands to do 'tricks'.

The winning three bitches will be allowed to play with their pussies until they explode in mind shattering orgasm, screaming out their joy and collapsing in panting heaps on the mat, to the applause of the judges. After they crawl off, to be petted and complimented by their owners, the losing bitch will crawl onto the mat and proceed to play with herself. Like her sisters, she too will mewl and roll around, fingering herself to the catcalls of her audience, but she WON'T be allowed to orgasm. She will have her hands pulled away from her needy, sloppy cunt, by her giggling slave sisters while she begs and pleads. As soon as they release her she will once again attack her sloppy, throbbing hole till she is about to orgasm only to once again be restrained.

This will go on for as long as the judges are amused, which could be all afternoon. A movie will be made for distribution to selected friends and enemies of the loser.

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