The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 19

Free bondage photos blog 19 October 2020

He could hardly see Melissa when he got there. She lay on the mattress a soft, warm blanket covering her from her feet up to her closed eyes. But he could see the handcuff clicked around the ring in the foor, going under the blanket. And he could see the beads of sweat on her brow, and the way her red hair shone. He reached down and pulled the cover back with a fourish.

Melissa didnít move or wake up. He gasped in delight and wonder. She was completely naked except for black, shiny high heel shoes still wedged on her feet. She lay on her side, her head on a thick pillow. A thick, white, cloth gag was tied between her teeth, prying open her mouth, and knotted beneath her crimson mane, at the back of her neck. His mother was a master at that.

Her arms were behind her, her wrists handcuffed. Her legs were slightly bent, almost side by side, her ankles also affxed with shiny silver steel handcuffs. The fnal pair of handcuffs reached from the ring in the foor to the chain between the cuffs on her ankles. Her skin was slick with sweat, making her smooth, pale fesh glow with an unearthly beauty. She seemed to be a perfect alabaster sculpture. The dewy glimmer of her tiny tuft of red cunt hair only crowned the vision.

He could see she was sleeping the sleep of the totally exhausted. He could just imagine what his mother did to make her this way. Then he noticed the pile of her torn clothes on top of a wet, dripping dildo and two intersecting belts.

He imagined her big blue-green eyes inside the lids moving in deep REM sleep. He couldnít imagine what she might be dreaming of. He replaced the blanket, careful to cover her mouth and nose, then went back upstairs.

His mother was already in her room. He turned away and went up to the attic. Dana had also received the mistressí touch. (Her head was still covered in bandages, but her legs were separate, although each was bound ankle to thigh, shin to knee individually. Momma had pulled a pair of white French-cut panties onto the brunette simply so she could tie a single strand of tight rope over her hips and through her crotch.

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