The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 20

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Dana writhed on the mattresses, pulling at her arms, rocking up to her knees, and fopping back down again. Her legs opened and closed, and she kept struggling -- trying to get the rope pushing the cotton panty between her cunt lips away. She moaned and grunted as she twisted and rolled.

He looked closer. Sweat had colored the bandages covering her brow. Her arm bondage seemed exactly the same, but he noticed she was also scraping her chest on the mattresses whenever she lay on her stomach.

He smiled, stepping up and reaching down to her. She squealed as he lifted her by the arms, shaking and nodding her head, begging him to help. With one hand still holding her up, he carefully lifted one side of the dressí neckline.

Sure enough, his mother had cut two small circles of Velcro out from their sheets of the scratchy stuff, and glued them to the inside of Danaís dress --just over her breasts. Now the girlís nipples served as the affxing portion. He saw that the tiny plastic strands of the miracle Fixodent curled in, around and on her titís nub, pulling and tickling at it -- reluctant to let go. He let the neckline snap back to her pendulous orb, and let go with his other arm. Dana fopped back to the mattress, moaning and cringing.

He carefully reached down and pressed the dress where the Velcro dots were stuck on the inside. He pressed them like buttons, letting his fngers sink deep into her tits as she screamed, slamming the back of her head to the mattress, and undulating in place like a captured dolphin.

Then he smiled, left the attic, and went to bed.

He woke up with a hard-on, like he always did. Only this time he didnít wait for it to soften so he could go to the bathroom. This time he sprang out of bed and strode to the upstairs hallway, letting it lead the way. He stopped momentarily outside the attic door, imagining what Dana looked like this morning.

She probably lay, partly on her side and partly on her chest, her cheek on the mattresses. One tit would be scrunched down, despite her exhausted, desperate attempts to keep pressure off the Velcro tormentor on her tit. Her legs would be together, fnally. She would be suffering a ftful sleep, the rope still in place, disappearing through the panty, between her legs. The hip ropes would have dug in, looking like a particularly unmerciful belt, while the other section would look like a gag between her cunt lips.

His hand jumped off the attic door with that thought. He hopped quickly down the stairs, remembering the sexual inequity of his guests. He had fucked Dana three times. That was patently unfair.

He grabbed the handcuff key from a kitchen drawer and ran down into the basement. Melissa was as he left her. That made his cock all the harder and longer. He kneeled gingerly beside her, carefully pulled back the covers, and folded it across her thighs, just under her red thatch of still dewy cunt hair.

He held his breath and looked at the way her thigh curved into her ass, connected by shapely muscle. He saw the way her fat hard stomach sloped down to her cunt, the thick, rich red hair seemingly painted on by a masterís hand. Then he forced his eyes to rise, looking at her wonderful torso and the way her strong, vibrant breasts held high onto her chest like perfect Jell-O molds.

She didnít wake up when he unlocked her wrists. She didnít wake up when he slipped the cuffs between a ring bolted to the foor at the top of the mattress. She didnít wake up when he recuffed her wrists over her head. She didnít wake up when he pulled the blanket completely off her body.

She didnít even wake up when he spread her knees, and kneeled between her legs. She didnít even wake up when he lovingly slipped his hands under her wonderfully round, frm ass, and lifted her hips off the padding. She only woke up after he had pushed his cock crown inside her and started ramming his penis all the way in.

For the frst time in a day, Melissaís eyes snapped open. They were big and bright blue-green, staring at the ceiling. They were unfocused and wet, the membranes working doubly hard to keep them lubricated -- considering what they had gone through. She could hardly see anything the way her body was being jerked around. Her head was sliding back and forth across the pillow, and her arms were being raised and dropped to the mattress over her head.

Something was slamming between her legs. She felt something gripping her ass cheeks. She tried to kick, but her ankles were close together and something was confning her feet. She couldnít get them more than six inches off the foor. Then she remembered. All of it. She cried out, fnally feeling the incredibly tight, thick cloth prying open her teeth and forcing her tongue down. The tip of her pink tongue curled up, almost licking the gag, as it sopped up the saliva gathering in the corners of her mouth. She cried out again, in pain this time, as her hips were struck again. She tried to raise her head, but she was too weak. Then she cried out a third time, as her body was jerked back and forth onto something hard.

She forced her head up, her wild red mane cas- cading down around her face. She fnally got a frst look at her captor.

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