The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 26

Free bondage photos blog 26 October 2020

The gag hadn’t loosened during the night, although the panty shields were nothing more than mulch. But even if all the moisture had loosened the tape, the bandages were just as tight and just as frm covering her eyes, ears, mouth, and most of her nose. Her own sweat practically glued the nearly translucent cloth to her fesh. He had clipped them so well and so much, no amount of grinding her face on the mattresses helped. Nor did it pull the Velcro from her nipples.

Only he did that, and it wasn’t much of a respite. Her breasts were achingly full and hard, the nipples full and raw and tingling -pointing like fngers. He just sat there, squeezing them with ecstasy, while sinking his fnger into the wet canal made by the crotch rope and her vaginal lips. She was too exhausted to fght, but she couldn’t help reacting. She heard her little noises and felt how her body undulated lazily against his -- flling her mind with loathing.

Finally he stopped. He let her slip off his lap and fall to her side. Then he merely forced a rope under her bent knees and tied them together. He looked down at her motionless form, realizing she was already asleep. He turned to the painted, boarded over windows with the rugs hung over theme and still saw a hint of sunlight.

It wasn’t right. It was day. She should be awake. So deciding, he got another strand of rope. He pulled her dress’ neckline back into place, making sure the Velcro circles glued to the inside were in place right over her entire nipples. Even that didn’t wake the weary girl up.

So then he slipped the rope under her arms and tied it directly across her nipples as tight as he could, pressing the Velcro barbs deep into her tits. He saw her head snap up. Then he heard her start to cry out. Then he felt her start to move.

He backed up to get a better view. It was perfect; when she tried to rub her side on the mattresses to get the rope off, her elbows got in the way. When she tried to rub her chest on the foor, her tits got in the way. That is, her breasts were so strong and full and pendulous that the rope dug deep into them, making them into four. The tit fesh on either side of the rope kept the rope deep in the nipple’s valley. She couldn’t get them off. And, when she rubbed her back frenetically on the foor, her bound hands got in the way. She just couldn’t get the angle.

Dana started babbling into the gag again, her jaw working frantically. She tried to kick, but all she succeeded in doing was fopping on the foor, pulling the rope tighter across her tits and in her cunt. “That’s it,” he said from the trap door, after enjoying her captive 22” for another ten minutes. “Rise and shine!”

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