The keeper - illustrated bondage story, part 55

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“Hello baby,” he said to Dana, sitting on her stomach and forcing his erection between her nipple-clamped breasts. “Time for your morning tit fuck.”

Only then did she become fully awake, trying to focus on the fuzzy white shape atop her in the cellar. She tried to scream, but the ball and sheet gag still worked, despite the cloth having dried overnight.

“Now now,” he said, masturbating himself with the dark, smooth sides of her mams, “is that anyway to talk? I could have undone your crotch rope and fucked your brains out, you know....”

She shouted epithets at him, her head up as far as the throat rope would let her, her eyes blazing, but all he heard were burbles and bleats and muffed exclamations.

“Yes yes,” he soothed, not pausing a millisecond in his self-gratifcation with her impressive mounds. “That’s right. You’re going to have a hell of a day.”

The leg anchored to the foor ring kicked, her fngers clawed behind her back, and her bent leg shook, but it was all useless. When he came, he spurted onto a sodden pad he was holding in his right hand. Then, smiling down at her, he held it aloft.

“You know what comes now, don’t you?” he asked with a wicked grin. Before she could react, he tugged down the cloth covering the ball gag and slammed the thick pad over her lower face. She literally didn’t see it coming until the cum and drug splashed into her nose, cheeks, and lips. But then it was there and his other hand was fsted in her chestnut hair. She jerked and contorted as best she could but it was already over.

She stilled beneath him and he just lay atop her for awhile, enjoying her outstanding shape. Raping Melissa was like popping a sweet sex kitten, making her aware of her innocent, vibrant sexiness. Raping Barbara was like stealing a virgin bride, a freshly risen rose at her most precious, and keeping her where no one else could fnd her. But raping Dana was like ruining a female at her optimum prime...holding her back from freedom by her own sex.

Undoing her crotch rope, he slipped his erection inside her and just lay there, feeling her breathe, her thighs on either side of his, and her abused breasts bulge against his chest. He undid her ball gag and slobbered on her soft mouth, sticking his tongue down her throat. Then, when he fnally came for the fourth time that morning, this time in an unconscious girl, he stuffed the cloth sheeting behind her teeth and tied it in place with the crotch rope. Taking a last look at her sleeping, defled form, he went upstairs to get dressed for work.

He had a hard time hiding his erection all that day. Every few seconds he thought about what was waiting for him at home and the fnality of it all. Expecting the unexpected, he was still surprised to fnd a note from his mother in his inbox after lunch. The instructions in it were clear, and thrilling. It only made the bulge in his pants all the greater.

Still, he managed not to hurt himself while completing the reconnaissance and the minor construction. Despite his anxiousness, he only managed to get back home by sunset. Leaving the wood and velvet structure he had made behind him at the front door, he took a deep breath and stepped inside. As before, the front room was empty. Only this time, the closet was empty too.

So was the cellar, the back room, and the attic. Unable to fnd his mother or their guests, he had to wonder: did his mom have second thoughts and decide it best to take the girls away while he was out? Was that possible? Was that wise? Was that fair? Grinning in spite of the thought, he fnally went to his room.

And there they were. Barbara was on her back on the bed, her arms crossed behind her in the small of her back. She wore a stun- ning black lace microminidress with a plunging v-neckline which barely held in her teardrop breasts. Her legs were wide, her ankles tied to the top of the baseboard corners, her feet pointed in wicked six inch t-strap black highheels.

Dana was standing in burgundy red highheels, knees bent, feet apart, thighs bound wide to the bed frame, her back to the left upright at the corner of the bed. Her arms were yanked back, wrists and elbows cruelly tied on either side of the metal upright, her shoulder blades practically clipping the pole. Her throat was also tied to the pole. All of it served to thrust her mighty breasts up and forward, practically bulging out of the stunning sleeveless, burgundy, velvet, open-front microminidress held onto her front by two straining shoelaces tied mid-tit and just above her inny. It just covered her nipples while exposing two big round swashes of lovely tan fesh.

Melissa was also standing, but in blue high heels and with her tiny waist tied to the metal top of the base-board—facing Barb, her arms twisted all the way up her back and tied to her shoulders. She wore a spec- tacular, blue, nylon lycra micromini which shoelaced from her navel to her neck in four “X” shapes, exposing almost her entire front, her half-moon tits bulging on either side, nipples holding on for dear life. All their lower faces were covered with some sort of fne mesh that went beneath their hair and affxed behind their heads. It seemed glued to their fesh. And their mouths seemed flled with something slightly pliant yet unyielding—as if their tongues had ballooned to four times their normal size and they were struggling to handle it.

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