Torment, physical suffering, agony and pain

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girl endure torment

Introduced with sensitivity to the big frame, now she must submit to the forfeit, carrying the instrument of torture to the place assigned for crucifixion, there to surrender herself, her freedom, be tied to it and hang in agony. She can delay the dreadful moment of being put to the cross, but must then endure torment, misery and angst, contemplating what is soon to befall her. Postpone the physical suffering, but bear the mental pain, the growing terror? Breathe easily for several more minutes, or go now - and get it over with quickly . . . ? Yielding to the inevitable, lifting and carrying the evil device to its destination. Naked, vulnerable, she's tied to the cross; she hangs . . . she is crucified. Collated into a logical series, sort of, more or less . . .

girl physical suffering

tortured punishment post tied slavegirl

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