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Illustrated self bondage scenarios, self bondage how to.

Self bondage scenario 1. Long Crawl - naked self bondage experiments.( illustrated )NEW
Self bondage scenario 2. String Release - self bondage rope techniques.( illustrated )NEW
Self bondage scenarios 3. Wet Panty - self bondage illustrations.NEW
Self bondage scenario 4. Thistle.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 5. The Standing Predicament.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenarios 6. Sharp Impact.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 7. Scalpy's predicament.( illustrated )
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Self bondage scenario 8. Ride The Chair.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 9. Hidden Restraints.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 10. Hanging By The Bar.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 11. Frustrated Eagle.( illustrated )
Girls in stocks, shackles, chains and straps pictures and video galleries Due to the nature of the Holidays and the fact that we will be closed New Years Day, we are posting next week's update early. Also we want you to preview our updated format. The new format will feature bigger updates each week. We do hope that you enjoy the new format which should supply our members with even more eye candy. All of us here at DungeonCorp© sincerely thank you for your support and dedication and wish you all the best for the upcoming new year. To celebrate the new year what model would be more appropriate than January?January is a foxy goth girl type, that does plenty of fetish modeling and has quite a rabid following. As she squirms in her restraints naked and bare, Master Liam paws and fingers her pussy and tickles her underarms and feet. Her uncontrollable giggles are soon silenced by her Master's flogger when it works its way across her pussy, ass and back. Her nipples are clamped and tugged, then, her cunt is vibed until she throws her head back and cums... January is now forced to stand. Girls in stocks, shackles, chains and straps pictures and video galleries
Her head is squeezed tightly in a vice. After her ass is paddled, she receives a double flogging by Master Liam. After her body turns a darker shade of pink, suction cups are applied to her taut nipples and she is forced to orgasm by the G5... Restrained sideways, January is at the mercy of Master Liam as he ruthlessly works the violet wand across tits and cunt... January gasps as the rubber dong slides into her pussy and the magic wand works her clit. In her state of restraint, January submits to yet another explosive orgasm. Next, Master Liam restrains January on her back to a steel bench. Again, his dual floggers wreak havoc but, this time across January's entire torso. As January yelps loudly, her legs are spread and her pussy is flogged for good measure. TENS pads are applied to her cunt and January squeals as the power is applied. While her pussy pulses, Master Liam applies the wand to her clit again and coerces January into another orgasm... For the finale, January is seated on the Sybian. As the machine throbs away at January's tender pussy, her Master clamps her nipples with clothespins before turning the Sybian to full blast. January convulsively cums then, has her lips pinned...
Self bondage scenario 12. Frogger.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 13. Deflaterix.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 14. Shopping Center Fun.
Self bondage scenario 15. Caged Waiting.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 16. Bent Over Pull.( illustrated )
models rope tied up
Self bondage scenarios 17. Begging For Release.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 18. Teasing and tormenting breasts and nipples.
Self bondage scenarios 19. Made To Maid.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 20. SB-Tech-01.( illustrated )
Kina Kai - beautiful bondage model, rope tied, gagged, clamped, tortured, vibrated to orgasm.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery               bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

Don't mind if i say so myself, but i think SocietySM is on top when it comes to finding the most beautiful and willing models to engage in hard-core bondage scenes...and Kina Kai is just more proof positive...Kina is an absolutely beautiful woman...perfect velvet skin, a lovely face, a killer body...and Kina is kinky...we find out during her interview that she is often on top in her personal life, but she does have secret desires of submission and control...We have her strip down and rub her entire body with lotion...and we begin her lessons in submission...Kina is tied against an upright...her hands are pulled up and she stands atop a steel ball...the Pope whips her tiny body, then pegs her nipples before pulling her feet from the ground and tying them behind the beam...then it's the magic wand...dug deep into her cunt...and it draws the pleasure from Kina as she struggles and the next scene, we hang Kina upside down and lash her to the wooden upright again..a fucking machine is rigged above her and the fucking begins...the Pope uses a vibrator again to make sure Kina cums for us...Kina is then tied tighly with her neck rigged to her crossed ankles and her hands pulled behind her back..Kina is totally helpless as the Pope begins to play...her pussy is exposed and powerful suction is used to prime her cunt...then more orgasms...It's time to test that ass, so we rig Kina with her read end high in the air...she gets a good spanking and whipping before orgasms...then more whipping because she failed to announce her climax to the the final scene, as if Kina has'nt cum enough, we spread her out on our sex swing...her legs are pulled wide open and a vibrator is rigged to her pussy...we turn it on and leave her there until she is broken and exhausted from orgasmic least a ten orgasm day for Kina, but we might have missed a few as we counted...You won't see Kina like this anywhere else...and it is worth seeing...

Self bondage scenario 21. Woodland Bound.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenarios 22. Oh no what have I done?.( illustrated )

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