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Illustrated self bondage scenarios, self bondage how to.

Self bondage scenario 1. Long Crawl - naked self bondage experiments.( illustrated )NEW
Self bondage scenario 2. String Release - self bondage rope techniques.( illustrated )NEW
Self bondage scenarios 3. Wet Panty - self bondage illustrations.NEW
Self bondage scenario 4. Thistle.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 5. The Standing Predicament.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenarios 6. Sharp Impact.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 7. Scalpy's predicament.( illustrated )
gagged girls bound
Self bondage scenario 8. Ride The Chair.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 9. Hidden Restraints.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 10. Hanging By The Bar.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 11. Frustrated Eagle.( illustrated )

Model Satine Phoenix - bondage video and pictures galleries.

Satine starts out in black lingerie. She proudly shows off her beautiful body, long legs and expressive eyes and we snap away as she poses. We gag her, then tie her hands behind her back and the slave Satine begins to emerge. We strip her of all her clothes and we tie her with her legs spread and Satine submits to the helplessness like the good slave that she is. Then we put her up on the Y table. One leg is tied down and the other is pulled back. Her hands are tied below the bench and we rope her midsection down so she can't squirm. The vibrator is rigged to her clit and we turn it on. Satine immediately feels the pleasure in her cunt and for the next 6 minutes, has multiple orgasms.
Self bondage scenario 12. Frogger.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 13. Deflaterix.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 14. Shopping Center Fun.
Self bondage scenario 15. Caged Waiting.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 16. Bent Over Pull.( illustrated )
models rope tied up
Self bondage scenarios 17. Begging For Release.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 18. Teasing and tormenting breasts and nipples.
Self bondage scenarios 19. Made To Maid.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 20. SB-Tech-01.( illustrated )
Morgan March - beautiful bondage model, rope tied, gagged, clamped, tortured, vibrated to orgasm.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery               bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

After a long break from modeling, which you can hear about during her interview, Morgan March is back for torment and pleasure with SocietySM...she puts on a hot little red outfit for us and we drool over her long, thin body as she talks about her experiences with BDSM...we have her suck a huge dildo for us, then we have her strip...she is directed to gag herself...then onto the bed where we have prepared four at each corner...Sexy Morgan slips her ankles in...then her wrists...she seems hesitant to pull tight on the ropes, but she does, and the nooses tighten around her limbs leaving her helpless and spread...there's nothing like making a hot, little, bitch tie herself up for you...the Pope enters the scene and begins by tightening the ropes...he spreads her our tight, then whips her...then a dildo on a stick and the magic wand gives her two of her many screaming orgasms of the day...Morgan has one of those pussies that can cum over and over...but it's as much torment as it is the next scene, we roll her over on her stomach...her legs are spread and her hands are tied behind her back...we rig her body into a harness and pull it up to keep her torso off the bed...the Pope whips her until Morgan can take no more of the rig we have her we let her body rest on the bed and move on...the Pope continues with dildo and vibrator and Morgan cums with the next scene, we tie her up like a pretzel...on her back, thighs pulled back to her shoulders...arms over her legs and tied down...she is completely helpless as the Pope rigs her huge nipples with electric clamps...he holds the magic wand on her cunt until her pussy is frothing and poor Morgan is screaming and struggling the best she can, which isn't very much...then we stand her up with her hands over head...her legs are strapped open and the Pope uses electricity on her nipples and inner thighs...Morgan thrashes as the current stuns her...then it's more screaming orgasms...the Pope hangs weights from her pussy lips and it's rare that we see a model thrash around from sheer anxiety like Morgan...but once he gets them on, she settles down nicely...afterall, struggling after they are on only makes them hurt the final scene, we strap Morgan to a chair...the vibrator is rigged directly to her cunt and the Pope clamps her nipples and leaves her to cum over and over...we signed Morgan to a one-year slave contract, so you'll be able to enjoy her screams until the summer of 2008...

Self bondage scenario 21. Woodland Bound.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenarios 22. Oh no what have I done?.( illustrated )

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