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Illustrated self bondage scenarios, self bondage how to.

Self bondage scenario 1. Long Crawl - naked self bondage experiments.( illustrated )NEW
Self bondage scenario 2. String Release - self bondage rope techniques.( illustrated )NEW
Self bondage scenarios 3. Wet Panty - self bondage illustrations.NEW
Self bondage scenario 4. Thistle.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 5. The Standing Predicament.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenarios 6. Sharp Impact.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 7. Scalpy's predicament.( illustrated )
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Self bondage scenario 8. Ride The Chair.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 9. Hidden Restraints.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 10. Hanging By The Bar.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 11. Frustrated Eagle.( illustrated )
StrictRestraint presents:
Strict Restraint features stocks, shackles, chains and straps along with intense BDSM scenes and sadistic doms.
Girls in stocks, shackles, chains and straps pictures and video galleries

In the dark, empty warehouse, Alexa struggles in her restraints perched atop the cube... Her Master flogs her feet before he turns his attentions to her back and Alexa winces as the flogger lands. Her nipples are clamped then tied to her toes, and then she endures the cane. Her nose is hooked and her pussy is vibed. Alexa succumbs to orgasm... Hands shackled overhead, Alexa endures The Pope's pussy groping. Her body is flogged and then her thighs are chained before her cunt is vibed. As her eyes roll back into her skull, she cums again... On the steel rack, Alexa trembles as The Pope weights her nipples. Her mouth is hooked, then her nose. Her pussy is filled with a dildo and Alexa drools. The wand is applied and her Master spanks her ass as Alexa receives her third orgasm. Next she is strapped to the throne. Her head is harnessed and her mouth gagged. TENS pads are attached to her pussy and her nipples are electrically clamped and charged. As electricity flows, so do the screams which only increase as Alexa is induced into orgasm again... Strapped to the bench, our slave can only wonder in the dim light what may come next. The Pope soon makes his presence felt with the force of his floggers. As whip strikes flesh, we witness a color change. The sound of the propane torch fills the air and couples with Alexa's screams as scorching wax meets flesh. Bewildered and broken, slave Alexa holds fast as her Master brings her to a stunning climax before she is left naked and bare...

Girls in stocks, shackles, chains and straps pictures and video galleries
Girls in stocks, shackles, chains and straps pictures and video galleries
Self bondage scenario 12. Frogger.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 13. Deflaterix.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 14. Shopping Center Fun.
Self bondage scenario 15. Caged Waiting.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 16. Bent Over Pull.( illustrated )
models rope tied up
Self bondage scenarios 17. Begging For Release.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 18. Teasing and tormenting breasts and nipples.
Self bondage scenarios 19. Made To Maid.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 20. SB-Tech-01.( illustrated )
Micah Moore - beautiful bondage model, rope tied, gagged, clamped, tortured, vibrated to orgasm.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery               bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

Micah Moore is a beautiful, young porn to the industry, but making a big splash...her body is long and slender and her ass is perfectly round...Micah hasn't done much bondage before...we had her in for a PerfectSlave shoot and noticed her talent right away...we booked her for SocietySM and she shows up all smiles and ready to roll...We tie her standing, with her arms tied behind her...the Pope comes in to inspect her body and pulls her panties down to rub her delicious pussy...he ties her legs apart and spins her around to spank her plump ass...then he spins her around again and uses the magic wand to bring her to climax...her first of the next scene, we have Micah bundle-tied on a table...her beautiful ass sticks out in all it's glory...the Pope starts with her feet...two TENS pads on the bottom of each foot and he turns up the current...then butterfly pads on each ass cheek...Micah moans, then wails as the current flows up and down...he inserts a steel plug into her pussy and leaves her there to suffer...Micah is then tied out on a table...we pull one of her legs into the air to get good access to her cunt...the Pope uses suction to prime her clit, then he fucks her with a dildo...then it's long minutes withthe magic wand...Micah suffers through orgasm after orgasm as the Pope is relentless with the if she hasn't had enough, we tie her to a chair with her legs spread...a vibrator is tied to her clit and we leave Micah to cum the final scene, Micah is cuffed in the middle of the steel room with her hands above her head....the Pope uses clothespins on each nipple, then he continues to whip her ass...a steel pussy hook is inserted into her cunt and a wieght strung through her collar keeps it firmly in place...he pulls poor Micah into the air by her wrists and leaves her there...

Self bondage scenario 21. Woodland Bound.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenarios 22. Oh no what have I done?.( illustrated )

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