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Illustrated self bondage scenarios, self bondage how to.

Self bondage scenario 1. Long Crawl - naked self bondage experiments.( illustrated )NEW
Self bondage scenario 2. String Release - self bondage rope techniques.( illustrated )NEW
Self bondage scenarios 3. Wet Panty - self bondage illustrations.NEW
Self bondage scenario 4. Thistle.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 5. The Standing Predicament.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenarios 6. Sharp Impact.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 7. Scalpy's predicament.( illustrated )
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Self bondage scenario 8. Ride The Chair.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 9. Hidden Restraints.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 10. Hanging By The Bar.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 11. Frustrated Eagle.( illustrated )

Model Amy Ried - bondage video and pictures galleries.

Amy Ried and Alektra Blue are two of the most popular, most famous and most beautiful adult models ever to be shot. They are both delicious! Amy is the perfectly hot American pie with a luscious figure and velvet skin. Alektra is like a hauntingly lovely and mysterious superheroine with a body straight from the pages of your childhood comic books. We spend a day with these two as they tie each other up and play with bondage and sex. The first one to be tied is Alektra. She begins by shining up Amy's latex outfit. Then we strip her and tie her in a chair so that Amy may have her fun. Alektra's hands are pulled behind her back and her legs are tied spread, over the arms of the chair. Amy enters and toys with her helpless slave. She sucks on Alektra's nipples, she rubs her pussy, she spits in her mouth. She crops Alektra's pefect body before using a vibrator to make her cum. Then she plays with herself as she teases Alektra's sensitive pussy and makes her beg to stop.
Self bondage scenario 12. Frogger.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 13. Deflaterix.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 14. Shopping Center Fun.
Self bondage scenario 15. Caged Waiting.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 16. Bent Over Pull.( illustrated )
models rope tied up
Self bondage scenarios 17. Begging For Release.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 18. Teasing and tormenting breasts and nipples.
Self bondage scenarios 19. Made To Maid.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 20. SB-Tech-01.( illustrated )
Logan Anderson - beautiful bondage model, rope tied, gagged, clamped, tortured, vibrated to orgasm.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery               bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery
Logan Anderson is new to us and she really is one hot to trot babe with supermodel looks and a body to match. During our intitial interview with Logan, we learn that she is realtively inexperienced with bondage but, has fantasized about taking the dominant role if it came down to it. We also learn that she has a penchant for anal sex in her professional life. After garnering these vital facts from Logan, we ask her to strip for us and gag herself for us for what will be, in all essence, her first bondage shoot ever. The Pope starts us off by getting down and dirty and doing a little force groping on Logan's hot little body. After some smacks to her ass to warm her up; he forces the vibe on her with an iron fist which brings her to her first orgasm. The next scene shows us Logan gagged, with her wrists shackled and her ankles in a spreader bar. Picking up steam, The Pope breaks out the flogger and flails mercilessly on Logan's ass, tits and cunt. This only serves as a mere warm up for Logan's initiation into the world of cruelty, as The Pope then shows her a shocking good time with the violet wand. This is followed by the tying of Logan's wrists and ankles to the steel rack. With her pussy and ass exposed to the world, it proves to be open season for The Pope's merciless flogger. This opens the gates to some carefully placed clothes pins, pussy lip clamping and hair pulling. And of course, a touch more forced orgasm via the magic wand. After that, Logan is stretched out and gagged with a dildo. The Pope with propane torch in hand, spatters Logan's silky smooth torso with candle wax. He follows up with a little caning and vibing until Logan erupts in orgasm yet again. In our final installment, Logan is tied spread eagle in a chair. The Pope then intricately ties a magic wand to her already gushing pussy and we witness Logan have one final breath taking orgasm.
Self bondage scenario 21. Woodland Bound.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenarios 22. Oh no what have I done?.( illustrated )

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