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Illustrated self bondage scenarios, self bondage how to.

Self bondage scenario 1. Long Crawl - naked self bondage experiments.( illustrated )NEW
Self bondage scenario 2. String Release - self bondage rope techniques.( illustrated )NEW
Self bondage scenarios 3. Wet Panty - self bondage illustrations.NEW
Self bondage scenario 4. Thistle.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 5. The Standing Predicament.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenarios 6. Sharp Impact.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 7. Scalpy's predicament.( illustrated )
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Self bondage scenario 8. Ride The Chair.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 9. Hidden Restraints.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 10. Hanging By The Bar.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 11. Frustrated Eagle.( illustrated )
Smothered Slave presents:
Male and Female slaves alike are under Her control where they learn to serve with severe and sensual facesitting, ass & pussy worship, foot worship, discipline, humiliation, panty play, breast smothering, hand over mouth, face slapping and more! We offer exclusive high quality video and picture sets every week. Video clips are downloadable and streaming in windows media format. Beg for mercy you pitiless worm!
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facesitting, ass & pussy worship, foot worship, discipline, humiliation, panty play, , face slapping, humiliation pictures and video galleries
facesitting, ass & pussy worship, foot worship, discipline, humiliation, panty play, breast smothering, hand over mouth, face slapping, humiliation pictures and video galleries

Kendra seeks to find the She-Devil deep in her cave but she is captured and the She-Devil is strong. She ties her up and hand gags her and raises her legs in the air so she can't escape. To win over her prey, the She-Devil smothers them and eventually turns them over to her side. After much facesitting, smothering, hand over mouth gagging and forcing to lick her pussy, Kendra is then tied standing wearing a nude bodystocking and ballgagged , her pussy and breasts are spanked with a crop and the She-Devil spreads her evil seed and goes down on Kendra. The lies and deceit will spread now that Kendra is turned over to the dark side. What lies ahead for those that try to come after them? Behind the Scenes coming soon!

Jada Fire is now in control and she smashes her big breasts in Natali's face then sits on her face. Next, Natali gets out her fucking machine and lets it go to work on Jada's pussy while she sits on her face and slaps her clit with her crop. Jada really likes that! Interview included plus behind the scenes video.

Self bondage scenario 12. Frogger.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 13. Deflaterix.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 14. Shopping Center Fun.
Self bondage scenario 15. Caged Waiting.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 16. Bent Over Pull.( illustrated )
models rope tied up
Self bondage scenarios 17. Begging For Release.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 18. Teasing and tormenting breasts and nipples.
Self bondage scenarios 19. Made To Maid.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenario 20. SB-Tech-01.( illustrated )
Ginger Lee - beautiful bondage model, rope tied, gagged, clamped, tortured, vibrated to orgasm.
bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery               bondaged and gagged girls pictures gallery

Ginger Lee is the second Contract Slave to be featured on SocietySM...Ginger is a dancer who travels around the country doing feature shows for horny guys who would like nothing better than to get thier hands on her...she has done some main-stream porn stuff, but her experience with bondage has been limited...but we find, through the course of her shoot, that Ginger has a deep desire to be dominated...We interview her and the most striking feature about Ginger, besides her obvious and rare beauty is her deep southern accent...we can't wait to make her beg as she talks a bit about her career...Ogre directs her to strip for the camera and do a little dance as he prepares himself...Ginger gives us a nice show before Ogre interupts and collars her...he ties her hands behind her back and gags her...then her feet are tied and Ginger stands helpless and naked with the large, leather-masked man...he bends her over and ties her hands up behind her back...then her neck is tied down which keeps Ginger bent and immobile for Ogre's whip...In the next scene, she is tied on a table with her legs pulled back behind her ears...her ass is high in the air as Ogre spanks her...then he invades her pussy with his fingers as he smokes a cigarette...she is made to suck a dildo as Ogre uses another to fuck her and he brings her to orgasm with the magic wand...In the next scene, Ginger is spread tightly on a table...Ogre uses electricity on her nipples, tummy and pussy...her expressions are priceless as Ogre plays with the current...he finger fucks her vigorously until she squirts cum on his hand...then the magic wand pulls more orgasms from her perfectly wet the next scene, Ginger is tied in the middle of the room with her hands above her head and her feet together...Ogre pegs each nipple and directs Ginger to count as he whips her ass red...he whips the clothespins off her tits and continues with a whip and cane...he directs her to look into the camera as her punishments continues...then he wraps her head and arms in black plastic and pulls her up onto her toes to the last scene, Ginger is pulled into an extreme hogtie...Ogre fucks her from behind with a dildo and adds the magic wand for more orgasms...poor, adorable, Ginger is spent and Ogre hoists her up tghtly and leaves her there...

Self bondage scenario 21. Woodland Bound.( illustrated )
Self bondage scenarios 22. Oh no what have I done?.( illustrated )

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