Rope bondage techniques - shibari and shinju techniques

Rope bondage, in the Japanese style, consists of layers of rope that work together to stimulate, humiliate, irritate, and / or otherwise elevate the subject. Each successive layer works to intensify the experience, and the application of individual layers can be illustrated through individual doctrines.

It is our intent to begin with simple, relatively low risk ties that demonstrate some of the staple techniques used throughout the style. These techniques can and should be expounded upon by the creative student in the development of his / her own style.

Crotch rope shibari techniques - session 1

The crotchrope is a great option for one of the first, or primary layers of rope. Contributing to it's erotic power is the fact that it's emphasis is directly on the genitals, and secondary layers of rope tied off to the crotchrope only intensify an already stimulating situation.

Shinju, breast shibari - session 2

breast shibari bondage Shinju, literally translated as 'pearls', is an important primary layer. Properly applied, the torso wraps of the shinju present a wide range of possibilities, from sensually sensitizing the breasts and nipples through vascular restriction, to providing a stable harness from which to move to a full suspension.
Bondage technique: Tying your Partner to the Bed

1. Find a couple of wrist cuffs that have D-rings or some other attachment point. Slip the rope through the D-rings. Lay the rope across the mattress so that one end just touches the floor, and decide where you'd like the cuffs to be. Slide the cuffs to the positions where you'd like them, then tie them in place. You'll have a rope with two wrist cuffs tied along it...
Bondage technique: Shinju

shinju bondage In Japanese bondage (or "shibari"), this type of harness is called a "shinju." A shinju can be applied to just about any woman, though most shinju harnesses don't work well on men.
The style of shinju shown here is very simple, and easy to learn. More complex harnesses may have several layers of rope that cross the breasts directly, or vertical sections that are designed to press on and stimulate the nipples. This simple shinju can be used as a starting point for you to explore more complex forms of breast bondage, or can be tied beneath the karada demonstrated earlier.
Rope harness bondage technique

rope harness bondage In Japan, bondage enthusiasts often practice a form of artistic rope bondage called "shibari." Shibari involves the use of elaborate rope harnesses that are quite beautiful, and the look very complex and difficult to create.
Some forms of shibari are quite difficult to master, but the truth is that you can learn to create basic rope harnesses very quickly and easily...and the best part is, you don't even need to be able to tie a knot! You can learn to tie the harness shown here in about fifteen or twenty minutes, and there's not a single knot in it.
Hojojutsu Finger Tie Technique

finger tie technique At Shibaricon 2004, I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Suzanne (the sexy sadist). She had a Japanese Hojojutsu book, Zukai Hojojutsu, that had drawings of many Hojojutsu ties. On page 73 of the book is an interesting finger tie. The drawing is a bit unclear, and many of the folks at Shibaricon 2004, including Mistress Suzanne, Lochai, Master Jack, and MorTis, were trying to figure out how to tie it.

I think I have figured it out. This tutorial will explain how I believe it is tied.
G-String Tie Technique

g-string tie ...Have her hold her wrists close together behind her back, and tie each wrist with one of the rope ends coming through her crotch. John Willie used a clove hitch for this, but it tends to get very tight and uncomfortable very quickly. Instead, we will use a French/Portuguese bowline. This is described in the French/Portuguese Bowline tutorial...

Frog tie bondage techniques

frog tie ...You don't actually need to use a long piece of rope for this. You can, if you choose, use a shorter piece of rope to make the karada, then use two 10' lengths of rope, one on each side, to do the frog tie. This tutorial will show you how to do the frog tie using a single 40' piece of rope, but the process is the same if you were to use two separate pieces of rope (one on each leg); you'd start by wrapping one end of the rope around the karada, then follow these instructions...
Chain-stitched Collar bondage techniques

rope collar Have you ever been someplace, and everyone else has their submissives on leashes, and your submissive doesn't have her collar with her? Or maybe you a playing with a new submissive, and want them to feel the joy of being leashed, but you don't have a spare collar with you. Or maybe you'd just like to use rope for everything you do.

Here is a way to make a quick collar and leash, using just a single length of rope. The collar will not tighten when you pull on the leash, which makes it safer, and it is thick enough that it will not cut into your partner's neck. Since it takes a few minutes to remove it, you should make sure you have EMT shears with you, in case it turns out that you made it too tight, and you need to quickly remove it.

Frech Bowline bondage techniques

frech bowline The "Wrist and Ankle Restraints" tutorial elsewhere on this site describes our preferred method of making those restraints. This handout describes another method, which is called the French bowline.

This method has a couple of features that are useful in special situations. It is easier to tie quickly in the dark of a dungeon. It is difficult to keep the loops of our standard restraint from crossing (which would create pressure points) when you canít see what you are doing.

Also, the tail of this restraint is a single rope. Depending on what you are tying it to, that may be better than the twin tails of the standard restraint.

And this restraint uses less rope than the standard restraint, so itís handy when youíre running out of rope.
A Simple Two-Column Weave bondage techniques

bondage techniques A two-column tie is any tie that ties two parallel things together, such as two arms, or two legs, or an arm to a leg, or a leg to a post, or whatever. This particular two-column tie is very fast and simple, looks gorgeous, and requires no knots.

While it looks complicated, this is actually a very easy tie to learn. You can learn to do it in about five minutes, and it only takes a minute or two to put on. As you can see, the finished result is quite lovely.

You can also use this as a single-column tie, for example, on one arm or one leg. When used this way, it's quite decorative.
Basic Chain Harness bondage techniques

chain harness You need not use rope to do shibari. Sometimes, it's more fun to use chain, and the look and feel of chain are completely different. Many people like the weight of chain, and as this picture shows, the harnesses that can be made with rope can be made with chain as well.
Cuffs and How to Use Them

cuffs Cuffs are a great time-saver in the kinkster's bedroom. They save having to learn complicated knots; they're a cinch to put on and take off; many of them are very comfortable; and they're available in a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials, so they're excellent fashion accessories as well.


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